How to Play a Live Casino Game

live casino

A live casino game resembles a traditional casino in many ways. Besides the simulated feeling, the live casino also provides you with all the necessary features. These features include Gaming control unit (GCU), Table games, Chats, and more. If you’re wondering how to play the game, keep reading.

Gaming control unit

Gaming control units are a vital part of live casino technology. They are a small, box-like device that encodes the video broadcast. Without this device, a live dealer would be unable to operate the game. This device is indispensable for live casinos that want to provide their players with an authentic gambling experience.


The Game Control Unit (GCU) is the heart and brain of a live casino. It’s a tiny box that runs every studio table at a real casino. Without it, these live venues would not be possible. The GCU is used to simultaneously encode and broadcast live footage of the games taking place in the casino. This helps the games appear as they would on a traditional website.

Table games

Live casino table games have suffered from a drop in participation due to intimidation factor. Inexperienced casino goers generally favor playing video card or slot machines. They perceive the live table games as intimidating because they require quick thinking and decisions. Additionally, they must make those decisions in front of other players. As a result, they rarely engage in these games.


Live casino chat allows players to interact with dealers and other players at the same time. Some live tables even allow players to initiate conversation and greet each other by name. Live chats add an extra layer of excitement to these games.


Live casino games are quite expensive, mainly because they require a lot of professional work. Live casino game operators pay top professionals to play the games, invest in high-definition studios and high-quality cameras, and employ a professional croupier to oversee the games. As a result, these games are more realistic than their online counterparts, and offer more interaction with the dealers and the other players.


Online casinos have started to embrace live casino games, a trend that is growing in popularity. The availability of live dealer games is becoming increasingly important for many players. Bonus-offering casinos have incorporated these games into their software, making them available to players in a digital format. This ease of accessibility is a huge plus for prospective players. To access the games, users need Flash Player software and a compatible browser.