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SAP Leonardo IoT Helps Shape The Intelligent Enterprise

SAP has always remained at the forefront of major technological advancements for several decades in the modern era. Recently, in June 2017, SAP unveiled an all-new digital innovation system –referred to as the SAP Leonardo offering a wide range of advanced technological capabilities for business organizations all across the world.

As per the SAP industry, around 11% of Computer Software and 7% Information Technology segments make use of revolutionary technology.

SAP Leonardo is an advanced design thinking service that is known to allow the respective users to create a high-end future digital enterprise.

The main role of designing such an advanced digital system was to achieve some organizational goals, including:

  • Scaling innovations for increasing the overall value
  • Incorporating the innovation for business transactions
  • Supporting companies to innovate seamlessly and rapidly

In addition to this, SAP Leonardo has many more applications when it comes to supporting the business infrastructure.

What is SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo serves to be a holistic system that aims at successfully integrating future technologies & capabilities into the respective SAP Cloud Platform with the help of innovative design thinking capabilities. The presence of such a powerful platform helps in allowing the users to instantly scale as well as innovate new business models while redefining the entire scope of the given business.

The Advent of SAP Leonardo IoT

SAP has also unveiled one of the major applications of SAP Leonardo in the form of SAP Leonardo IoT (Internet of Things) that serves to be a comprehensive technology solution for generating as well as driving digital transformation for Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT.

The innovative SAP’s “IoT Foundation Layer” is the platform consisting of several services for connecting everything –right from SAP Cloud to SAP Digital Core, SAP Edge, and so more. With the help of the given advanced technology solutions, the users are given the capability of creating their own customized IoT solutions by leveraging the features offered by the IoT Foundation.

At the same time, they can also easily starting using SAP that provides a series of IoT-based applications.

In addition to this, SAP has also launched the cloud-based interoperability feature of SAP Leonardo IoT with the help of the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. This helps in providing customers with a wide variety of device management and connectivity capabilities. SAP is dedicated to developing a strong platform for IoT while understanding the values to the end customers by the respective partners.

Applications of SAP Leonardo with IoT

SAP is designed uniquely to implement IoT together with all types of business-centric processes. SAP Leonardo IoT is expected to help organizations to achieve the following:

  • Increase the overall productivity
  • Redefine the respective customer experiences
  • Grow the revenue systems
  • Embed IoT into respective LoB (Line of Business) solutions
  • Enhance business applications with the innovative IoT solutions
  • Develop all-new business models based on obtaining new, relevant data

Top Benefits of Using SAP Leonardo

One of the major advantages of using SAP Leonardo is that it allows the respective users to integrate a wide series of other SAP products with the continuously evolving technologies like IoT. For example, Flori apps can be easily created on the advanced SAP Cloud Platform with the utilization of IoT services.

As the solution gets integrated into the business procedures, the users will not be aware that Machine Learning capabilities are occurring behind the scenes. Moreover, they will also not realize anything different. However, they will definitely experience automatic decision-making capabilities and strong recommendations.

SAP Leonardo is known to add immense value to the digital journey of an organization by unveiling new, advanced skills with respect to the future-forward trends & technologies. Additionally, SAP Leonardo also serves to be highly effective as it has been built on SAP HANA –an advanced form of in-memory database that supports real-time businesses.

In the end, it is also regarded that SAP Leonardo serves to be highly intelligent, powerful, and capable as it is capable of being operated with all possible SAP applications –right from SAP S/4HANA to SAP Ariba and others.


SAP is known to deliver advanced technological components with the help of the revolutionary SAP Leonardo Technologies. Every component –including the SAP Leonardo IoT, is aimed at helping the customers build the respective “Intelligent Enterprise.”