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Samsung adds One UI and battery boosts to Galaxy Watch and Gear smartwatches

Samsung has announced a software update for the smart watch Galaxy Watch that will not only bring the new One UI interface seen for the first time in the Galaxy Watch Active, but will also offer improvements in the duration of the battery, as well as improvements Health and fitness features.

Updated interface

The latest software update, now available, adds the Samsung One user interface, a simplified and colorful interface that was introduced last year, and so far, available only on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active model. A user interface is designed to facilitate navigation and decrease the clutter of the watch face for more intuitive operation. The simplified visual configuration allows you to customize and control the clock more easily. It’s the same design theme as the interface of Samsung’s latest smart phones, so Samsung’s wearable devices will feel and be more united.

The updated interface also features new advanced settings, which include enabling and disabling the touch alarm, controlling the frequency and timing of daily news updates, and a more flexible Goodnight mode control. The new faces of the smartwatches that were only available for the Galaxy Watch Active are now also available for other three Galaxy watch models.

Battery optimizations

The update also adds a better optimization of the battery: the clocks will automatically close the applications that work in the background to prevent the battery from running out. You can also customize the battery saving settings, for example, by adjusting the brightness and the screen timeout for better performance.

Health and fitness characteristics

Along with the interface updates, Samsung is also improving the health and fitness features. Now there is a daily activities screen, which shows a daily summary of calories, movements and workouts. Training tracking has been simplified, which makes it quicker and easier to select both in the widget and in the Samsung Health app. And the data is now continuously synchronized from the watch to the paired smartphone for easy tracking, including a new outdoor swimming tracker, which is available only on the Galaxy Watch. You will also see more vibrant animations that accompany the achievement of the objectives.

For the Galaxy Watch, Samsung has also improved heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. A high heart rate alert will ping you if your heart rate exceeds a set level, while the sleep tracker update shows the user’s average sleep range compared to others in an age group.

Samsung said that the implementation of updates for each smartwatch product will vary by region, so new features may not be available for all watches at the same time. Of course, the most important part of the update is the optimization of the batteries. With the new update, your watch will now automatically close applications in the background to save battery life and modify settings that can affect its life. The One UI update is available as of today and can be found in the Wearable Galaxy app on your phone.