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One of the hottest topics on the internet is whether a smartwatch is better or a traditional one. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, both type of watches has their place in the world. A smart watch is electronic, have way too many features than a traditional watch and are cheaper while traditional watch is a true craftmanship piece, have complex functions like perpetual calendar, moon phase date and time. These are very expensive and most premium material is used in producing them. People choose these watches to make a serious statement, show off wealth and class. But today we are talking about smart watch capabilities.

We hope our readers will have better judgement and will not think that buying a smartwatch is waste of money. We will do our best here to inform our readers about the advantages and disadvantages of owing a smart watch. So, go ahead and read below guide. The objective here is to give you a strong understanding of whether a smart watch is for you and whether it will suit your lifestyle.

SmartWatch Advantages

1. Offer many function

The main purpose of having a watch is to know the time. Recent vibes in fashion industry also shifted many people to wear a watch just for fashion. Rather than to know the time they wear a nice watch to show off their personality (e.g. sports person or adventures). The availability of smart phones also impacted watch industry and reduced their demand. Who needs a watch if you have a smartphone? Right.


Smartwatch has many of smart phone functions built-in or is connected to smart phone to show or perform its functions. Smartwatches don’t just tell the time they also display all latest notifications from calls, emails, messages and social media. These offer dedicated health tracking features like continuous hear rate monitor and logs is in your phone to view for later.

2. A navigation buddy

Smart watches can display directions so no more snooping onto the phone screen to know which way to go. Apple has taken it t another level buy integrating different vibration patterns into the watch. Apple watch can deliver different vibrations to your wrist that tell you if you need to go left or right. So you do not even need to look at the watch screen anymore. Instead explore the local area while you head toward your destination.

smartwatch3. Find your phone or take picture with phone camera

Misplacing your phone is very frustrating and bewilder experience. More disturbing thing is, it always happens right before an important event or when you are in hurry to leave for somewhere. Smart watch has made it easy to find your phone by a feature called “Find Phone”. When you select this feature, smart watch rings your phone, which makes it easier to find.

4. Take picture with phone camera

It also acts as shutter button for your smart phone. Think if you want to take a picture with your loved one or with your best friend but there is no one around to take the picture. Just set your phone camera in position stand in front of it and press a button on your smart watch. Smart watch will send a command to your phone to take picture and it all happens really fast.


5. Good fitness tracker

Smart watches have fitness tracking built right into their electronic chips, so you do not need a smart phone to keep track of your fitness goals. You can buy a smart watch as an independent pedometer or fitness tracing device.


Smart watch can count steps you take, distance you travel, calories you burn, your heart rate and sleep quality. There are some models which comes with complete water resistance and you can wear them while swimming.

6. Attend calls and read messages instantly

Smart watch can tell you who is calling by displaying callers name, number and picture. You do not have to get to your phone to answer the call as you can do this right from your wrist. Smart watches have speakers which are used as loud speaker to talk to a person calling you.  You can also read messages as they are received. This unction is mostly used when you are exercising or in a place where getting to your phone is awkward.


7. See social media notifications

Who in the current era doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp account? Notifications from your social media are also pushed to your smart watch so you can view them. I personally do not like this feature and turn it off. But again, I only use social media for like 10-15 minutes a day. For many people out there, it could be very useful feature.

smart watch8. Your Music Player is on your wrist

Smart watches come with built in memory to store your favorite music. You can listen to this music when you are jogging or engaged in any other exercise. You do not need your phone to listen to music while exercising.

smart watch9. Install Apps

Smartwatch also has the capability to install apps directly to watch memory. Depending on the Os installed on your watch, apps availability can be limited. Right now Apple watch has more apps for their watch.

Smart Watch Disadvantages

1. Battery Life

The biggest disadvantage of smartwatch is their battery capacity and operating time. Since these watches have too many functions, they need more juice to run. On average a smart watch battery will last you anywhere from 3-25 days depending on the watch you choose while a traditional watch can last for 2-3 years on a single battery.

Galaxy Watch with 270-mAh battery will work for 3 days, Huawei Watch GT 420 mAh battery will last for 22 hours screen on time and is designed to work for 2 weeks, Apple Watch 4 has 18 hours of operating rating. Even the top brands are struggling when it comes to battery life.

2. Watch Screen

The screen size and technology used impacts battery life. The bigger the screen the lesser the battery life. Screen brightness also have great impact on low battery life. So You need to keep brightness down which can mean you cannot see time under direct sunlight. You may need to disable always on display and tilt to wake options to increase battery life.

The display screen used in the watch ca make huge difference. Top tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Fitbit use good quality display. When buying a watch make sure you get AMOLED, OLED or LTPO OLED because these are the best ones. LCD is not bad as well.

3. Lifespan

Technology is improving and advancing at rapid rate making old technology obsolete. What works today will not work tomorrow as future applications may shift to another programming language, become demanding in processing power. New and improved version of Watch OS is developed. Which makes smartwatches life span short.

If you like mobility and ease of use then smartwatch is for you. Even if you lie what you read here I would advice you to look into OS when buying a watch for yourself. The best watch may not be perfect for everyone. Right now, Apple Watch is most popular, its WatchOS is reliable and snappy. Make sure you check compatibility with your smart phone before tying the knot.