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Top 10 List of the Best Selling Little Cigars in America

An Overview of the Ten Best Little Cigar Brands in the United States!

Have you been looking for an amazing little cigar brand? These small and compact cigars are the perfect option for a quick and relaxing smoke break anytime, anywhere. So which brands are best? Who makes the tastiest, sweetest, and smoothest little cigar? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out!

Why Try Smoking a Little Cigar

If you’re unfamiliar with these cigars, let us fill you in. Small and compact filtered little cigars are just as delicious and well-made as regular cigars, only they’re miniature. They’re a fantastic cigarette replacement because they’re of better quality, free of nasty additives, come with filters, taste better, and cost less, A LOT LESS!

They’re Cheaper and of Better Quality

Yes, you read that correctly. No, there isn’t a catch. Little filtered cigars are of higher quality AND they cost less. These cigars can be purchased at unbelievable prices online. Seriously, for the price of two packs of cigarettes, you can get hundreds of these cigars online and have them delivered directly to your front door.

These Cigars Aren’t Regulated by Bureaucrats

So how is this possible? Well, filtered small cigars like this aren’t regulated as strictly as big tobacco brand factory cigarettes. That means you can order them online at better prices and get access to a wider range of products easily.

Plus, these small cigars come in many delicious flavors. Big tobacco companies aren’t allowed to add flavoring to their cigarettes in the same way. Really, between cigarettes and filtered mini cigars, there is no comparison. It’s just that not as many people know about these small and lovely cigars.

They’re Fresher, Better Tasting, and Arguably Better for You

That’s not even the best part. Every little cigar comes filled with better, fresher, and smoother tobacco than even the best cigarette could offer. Plus, these cigars are perfectly moist, crisp, fresh, and savory. Honestly, if you smoke cigarettes and you’ve never tried a little cigar, you’re missing out big time.

Top 10 List of the Best Selling Little Cigar Brands in America Today

Below are the top ten best selling little cigars in America. All of them are smooth, all of them are expertly blended, and they all come at an amazing value!

We’ve listed some of the best options available in America. That way, you can choose for yourself which options sound best. At these prices, you could realistically try them all.

1. Swisher Sweets Little Cigars

Swisher Sweets are classic all-American cigars with a reputation for smooth and delicious flavor. They’re the number one option on our list because of their popularity, impressive value, and variety of flavors.

Swisher Sweet little cigars come in an extensive range of blends and flavors. Their unflavored variants come in Diamond, Regular, and Mild. If you like sweet or rich flavors, you can choose from options like cherry, grape, menthol, mellow, peach, strawberry, and more!

No matter what flavor you go with, you’ll get a sweet, smooth, and satisfying smoke every time.

2. Winchester Little Cigars

If fruity flavors aren’t your bag, you might want to take a look at these and finely blended little Winchester cigars. They’re often called the ‘original mini cigars’ because they came out way back in 1972 and have remained an American favorite ever since.

These cigars are great tasting, fresh, masterfully crafted, and lack harshness. You’ll get nothing but sweet and smooth flavor all the way through. They have an oaky and refreshing natural taste that’s impossible to replicate. These small and compact cigars are manufactured in Georgia by Lane Limited. So, if you don’t care for fruity cigars, these are definitely worth looking into!

3. Supreme Blend Little Cigars

For plenty of variety at a great overall cost, Supreme Blend is definitely worth trying out. These mini cigars are truly blended in the most supreme way with rich sweet North Carolina tobacco and premium Connecticut wrappers.

You can choose from flavors like Cherry, Cool Mint, Lite, Menthol, Full Flavor, Peach, and Strawberry, and more. These flavorful cigars are tightly packed in classy air-tight cartons so they stay fresh, moist, and crisp. Each carton comes with packs of 100 each!

4. Santa Fe Little Cigars

Santa Fe cigars are perfect for anyone who likes strong flavors and a good tobacco hit. They’re blended with natural home-grown tobacco that has been air-cured and aged to perfection. This fine blend is then stuffed into Colorado Claro wrappers, meaning that they’re super-smooth.

Manufactured by the famous Santa Fe Tobacco Company in Santa, New Mexico, this is an all-American option worth sampling for yourself. Choose from flavors like Peach, Mild, Regular, Mild Menthol, Grape, Menthol, Strawberry, Cherry, and more. These are ideal for whenever you need a fast fix or for special occasions.

5. Richwood Little Cigars

When you hear the name Richwood, you probably imagine smooth and earthy mahogany with a classic and smooth feel.

Well, that’s what these cigars are like, so it works out! These sweet and bold cigars are blended with Burley and Kentucky tobaccos and then stuffed into smooth homogenized tobacco leaf wrappers. They’re crisp, rich, smooth, and delicious.

Choose from flavors like Gold (mild), Menthol, Original, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, Wild Cherry or Grape! Lastly, Richwood filtered mini-cigars come at an amazing price so you can indulge and save money at the same time.

6. King Edward Little Cigars

These popular cigars are named after the famous King Edward VII, the man who removed the tobacco ban that Queen Victoria had instituted in the UK.

These traditional American Cigars come from Swisher International Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. They’re blended with American grown tobaccos and are rolled in all-natural wrappers. For a perfectly mellow smoke, these mini cigars are definitely worth a try. They also come at a great price and in three great flavors!

7. Gold Rush Little Cigars

These famous cigars are perfect if you want a mild and less harmful smoking experience. Made in North Carolina, each little cigar is full-bodied, rich, and pure.

Choose from 3 varieties: Menthol, Blue, and Full Flavor Red. If you want something delicious, smooth, highly aromatic, and packaged perfectly, these may just be the best little-cigars for you.

8. Blackstone Filtered Cigars

These fine cigars offer you a premium blend of quality cured tobacco from the United States. They come in four intriguing flavors: vanilla, wine, peach, and cherry. They are filled with pure premium tobacco and wrapped carefully in a homogenized wrapper.

All in all, these are the perfect medium-bodied, sweet, and mild option. Plus, they come at an amazing value.

9. Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black’s miniature flavorful and compact cigars are made in Georgia and come available in 5 distinct flavors. Choose from yummy flavors like Peach, Rum, Vanilla, Sweets, or Cherry.

Each small cigar is filled with the famous Captain Black tobacco blend of Philippine, Indonesian, and American tobaccos. Then, the blend is stuffed in a homogenized wrapper that gives you a smooth and rich finish.

For a delicious and flavorful cigar filled with a fine premium tobacco blend, these are an amazing choice.

10. Cheyenne Little Cigars

If you want flavor options, Cheyenne mini cigars have flavor options. Seriously, this brand has some of the most delicious and enticing flavors available anywhere.

They come at amazing prices and are masterfully blended for the most satisfying smoking experience. At their prices, you can try as many flavors as you want to! Their flavor lineup includes strawberry, grape, peach, mint, vanilla, cherry, berry, and more! There’s even a sweet tipped option available if you want something extra-special.

All of these Cheyenne cigars are sold in cartons of 10 packs and with 20 cigars in each pack. That’s 200 Cigars for each carton!

Wrapping Things Up

So there you have it! Now you know why these little cigars are so popular and which brands are ranked highest in the USA.

At these prices, you can try them all for yourself! No matter what you like, it’s easy to find the perfect cigar options online if you know where to look.