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Houseplants which require less water

Plants that grow in deserted lands are called succulents. Deserted lands are those areas where rainfall does not occur for a long time. These plants usually have fleshy or thick organs like stems to store water and thorn-like leaves. In places where they experience less rainfall, plants make this habit of keeping water in their leaves, stem, or any other organ whenever there is any rain. The soil of these succulents should be such that it can not hold water for long. There should be some sand in the ground for fast drainage of water.

These plants do not need any fertilizers and do not suffer from any disease. They are also insects free. Due to all these reasons, these are widely used for home decorations. People order these indoor plants online, as many good companies are offering them online.

Many types of succulents are there like but some commonly used succulents are mentioned below.

Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plant

There are many varieties of Aloe Vera found in the world. These succulents grow in hot and sunny areas. These plants have long fleshy leaves in a triangle shape that have a gel-like substance. These leaves are made of two things: gel and latex. This plant can live for 100 years of its own in forests. The Blooming of flowers occurs every four years and these flowers can be in red or yellow color.

Aloe barbadensis miller is a kind of Aloe Vera, the gel of which is used for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics. This Aloe Vera plant’s gel is applied on the skin with sunburn, minor cut, and minor bite of any insects. People who have diabetes and asthma can also consume this gel as it can help them. Women also use Aloe Vera gel to condition their hair and remove their makeup.

Winter season is about to start and this is the plant that can be grown in any season. This can live without water for so many days. Aloe Vera inhales carbon dioxide at night, so it can help in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in your house. So, bring this plant into your home and grab your guests’ attention during this festive season. You can also give this plant to your friends and relatives to provide the message of growing more plants and saving the environment. Agave, Gasteria, and Haworthia are some succulents that look somewhat like Aloe, so one uses them also for decorating your house.

Jade plant

Jade plant

Jade is also a tropical plant that is considered a lucky plant. Crassula is another name of a jade plant. It should be kept at the right place in homes for good luck. Many varieties of crassula are available.

This plant gives the illusion of a tiny tree having stiff stems and branches of brown color. The thick, spoon-like and fleshy leaves are made to hold water. The shape of the leaves is round in the most common types of crassulas. These leaves are dark green and shiny. The body of leaves can be different in other species of this plant, say oval shape or small size. Some types of crassula can have leaves with white and pink stripes. The edges of leaves can also be sometimes reddish depending on the kind of jade plant. This plant blooms as well if it is mature. The flowers of jade plants are found in pale pink or white color. These are generally small in size and star shape.

Jade plants like the hot and dry weather, but it can grow well even in winters if adequately taken care of. Therefore, you can buy jade plants online for this winter to beautify your house for upcoming celebrations. You can send jade plants online to your friends and family members who live far from you as a gift on festivals that are about to come.



Cactus has a thick and fleshy stem with spines. This stem has a waxy coating on it to prevent the loss of water. Its leaves are reduced to the spine for the same reason. Cactus can be of many types like hedge cactus, red cap cactus, fairy castle cactus, beaver-tail cactus, rainbow hedgehog cactus, and pincushion cactus. Some of them can have flowers which can increase the beauty of your house. These plants need less care, so you can easily keep them in your place.

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