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Government relaxes restrictions on transportation of goods

In this critical period of lockdown which is the outcome of an unprecedented global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to manage their daily lives. Besides, the perpetual fear of contracting the virus sinisterly hovers on the life of the common man, and as a result, the fight to survive is becoming more intense and gruesome as time passes.

transportation of goods

The current lockdown has impacted the everyday life of every citizen of India to a great extent. Business enterprises have to shut down and the workers are trying to make their ends meet. It is hard to keep up with reduced incomes and on top of that, poor availability of essential products including groceries, vegetables, medicines, and basic food supplies. Restrictions on the transportation of essentials created more chaos and stress in this time of uncertainty. The government has also revoked its earlier total restriction on transportation and has now issued orders to continue with the important process of transporting goods and essential commodities. This now includes items such as sanitizers, hand wash, battery cells, surface cleaners, toothbrushes, and oral care products along with medicines and groceries.

It is important for transporters to reinvent during this Corona crisis and generate ease of transportation to keep people healthy. For this to happen, it is important for the transport companies to do its job of transporting medical supplies and a gamut of other essential goods efficiently. The Union home ministry specifically mentioned that trucks carrying goods and essential commodities will be allowed to move across and within the states. They have relaxed rules so that trucks move on the highways, even when the government ordered a nationwide lockdown in order to control the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. The ministry also clearly reiterated that transportation should be continued with efficacy as the states ensure that the lockdown is enforced stringently. Now’ inter-state movement of goods and transport for inland and exports” is being allowed as opposed to the earlier restriction-imposed by the central authorities.

Chief responsibility of the reputed transporters

The main priority and responsibility at this time lies with the eminent transporters who are ensuring timely delivery of products and essential goods that the customers require the most. The transporters are working diligently with the Central and local authorities to make sure that the essential goods are delivered urgently without unnecessary delays to the customers.

Transporters are showing tremendous co-operation

Reputed transporters with a robust IT infrastructure and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, as well as a team of trained drivers are creating ease of transporting goods from one state to another. Their timely deliveries ensure that people get the desired products and thus they can ‘continue to stay home and keep India safe,”. Transporters are displaying commendable spirit of cooperation, perseverance and dedication as they are moving their trucks among states to provide important food and medical supplies. Efficient transportation and logistics facilities are being offered by reputed transport companies. It is through their committed work and dedicated efforts that some respite is provided to all sections of the society that are suffering due to the drastic impact of the pandemic.