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Five Amazing Reasons to Try Document Writer app for iPhone & iPad.

It’s important to opt for the right tool to get your task done, what if that one tool offers you different amazing benefits? You might think Nah, that’s impossible but when you’ll try Document Writer you won’t have the same thought.

You can use Document Writer as a Document Editor, PDF Expert, Spreadsheets, Document Scanner, and Notepad.

When you use it as a Document Editor it works great for all the people who work in an office and encounter problems. The best part about it is that this all can be done from the iOS device that you can carry around 24/7. This feature gives many options to try which includes:

Document Editor

  • Create, Edit, and view Rich text documents.
  • Many Fonts, different styles to try and font sizes.
  • Easy to make text Bold, italics, underline and a strikeout.
  • You can change the text color, align the text to the center or left.
  • Importing pictures from your photo library and paste in the document or take pictures from Camera and insert in the document.
  • Access to various bullet styles, formatting auto bullets or numbers.
  • Easy copying and pasting.
  • Undo errors by simply tapping on the undo option.

You can use it as a spreadsheet creator and editor. Yes, you read it right, with this amazing quality you can create, view and edit your spreadsheets on your iOS device. Making a list of your grocery, creating your monthly budget or viewing your schedule is not a problem anymore with the startling options this feature provides:

  • spreadsheetYou can create and edit spreadsheets that can be opened or edited in Microsoft Excel.
  • Editing features including colors, fonts, different font sizes, etc.
  • Multiple selection operations i.e. copy paste and cut.
  • Creating tables.
  • Easy backup of the created files when created within the app.
  • Easy sharing of the created or edited files.

You can rename this app to pdf expert for the numerous solutions this app can provide to its users when it comes to using pdf files from your iOS device. Just after one try, you’ll be a fan of it. You might download it right away after giving it a read. If you are an iPhone user, you know the pain to open your pdf files on your iOS device. Below is the list of how opening pdf files through this app can solve the hassle.

  • pdf expertAnnotate or draw sketches in your PDF documents.
  • Write hand-written notes, comments or highlight text in your PDF Documents.
  • Open it through this app and fill out PDF forms and send them through email.
  • Signing your docs won’t be inconvenient anymore. Easily sign and send documents with Document Writer.
  • Receive documents through email, sign them using this app and send back through email.

Document Writer as a Scanner, with all the above features document -writer comes along with a high-quality scanner with no additional charges. Isn’t it ahh-mazing? Let’s see what benefits this app provides. With this scanner, you can not only scan documents in high-quality but convert them into Pdf. You can also scan images and convert to PNG, JPEG or PDF and later add that picture in your document with a choice to make size adjustment by cropping. Lastly, you can easily share your scanned documents, files or images through email attachment, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Drive.

Lastly, you can use it as a Notepad, for me it’s very convenient and it can be for you too. You can use it during your meeting to add quick notes so that you never miss a point which increases the probability of you getting promoted. Jotting down the point while being on an official call can make you miss all the points while looking for a pen or pencil, but you can make it work by getting a stylus and that’s it.

To sum up, let’s talk about some other features included in the app besides the ones mentioned above. There is a voice recorder that allows recording voice memos and easy sharing of those audios, pdf converter that converts Microsoft Office and other documents types to pdf, fax which lets you fax document within the app, and options to make folders to get files and documents organized. Last but not least it has a very smooth user interface with different menus and options, and it works anywhere online or offline.

Document Writer is an app that is available on the app store which is a bundle of great features.