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Educational Management Established By Online Education is The Way to Improve Education

The online scenario affects all social organizations and forces them to undertake rapid transformations. Education is no stranger to this phenomenon and, for this reason, the educational system faces important challenges to provide timely and pertinent responses to the new training needs of citizens for the 21st century.

From there came five lines of action in the field of management:

(1) strengthening the management and leadership of the educational system;

(2) strengthening intra and inter-sectoral coordination at the national, departmental, municipal and institutional levels;

(3) strengthening the effectiveness and transparency of the educational system;

(4) the implementation of adequate mechanisms for induction, selection, training, and evaluation of the performance of those responsible for education; and

(5) the development of an evaluation culture to know, carry out, and control the management of the sector and educational institutions.

Quality and management in the institution

Online Education

In line with these guidelines, the improvement is based on the consolidation of a quality assurance system aimed at giving the population more and better educational opportunities; to the development of basic and citizen skills; and the consolidation of decentralization and institutional autonomy by strengthening the management of educational establishments and the administration of the secretariats of education.

Educational management is made up of a set of organized processes that allow an institution or a secretariat of education to achieve its objectives and goals. Proper management goes through moments of diagnosis, planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation that nurture each other and lead to obtaining the results defined by the management teams. Good management is the key so that what each member of an institution does makes sense and belongs within a project that belongs to everyone. In other words, it is essential to get everyone to “row to the same side” to achieve what they want and to improve permanently.

Online school management facilitates organized work and favors the development of skills

The educational establishment by online education is a space where the teaching, learning, and coexistence processes take place between the different actors. For children and young people, it is also a place where, in addition to learning and developing their competences, friendship and affection relationships are built and they strengthen the construction of their ethical, emotional, cognitive structures and their forms of behavior.

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Hopefully, this article can make you aware of how online education contributes to the management of modern education.