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An Overview of the Diamond Blades for Saws

There are several technologies in the field of concrete cutting which are used in various industries. Diamond blades are usually the best option when this comes to making clean & very professional cuts in concrete. If you want to install a polished concrete floor in your rooms then you can use such diamond blades. But, without training and experience, you cannot use these tools and you can rely on professional services in this regard.

Diamond blades

Working of The Diamond Blades

It is very crucial to thoroughly understand how the diamond blades work in terms to choose a blade with the optimum cutting quality. These are manufactured using certain characteristic synthetic crystals that cut absolutely anything. As the blade rotates at very high speed – the exposed crystals cut through the material very smoothly. With continued usage, the surface diamonds to a large extent become wasted and the matrix starts to expose new diamond crystals gradually.

  • In order to ensure the maximum life of the diamond blades, you should match the blade as closely as possible to the material being cut. A diamond blade used to cut soft and abrasive materials (such as green concrete) should have a hard metal bond. On the contrary, a blade for cutting hard concrete should have a very soft bond that allows the right exposure of new diamonds.
  • Cutting concrete at the right time is very crucial. If you are installing new concrete, you have two prime options: cutting concrete while it is still green or the next day when it is completely hardened.  It is better to use the diamond blade after it is hardened and you can polish the concrete surface with these blades.
  • The decision of cutting wet or dry depends on your job requirements. Dry cutting considerably eliminates the need for hoses and water tanks while using a wet blade reduces dust. The major difference between wet and dry blades is the welds. It is crucial to emphasize that dry cutting blades can be used in wet conditions, but you should never use wet cutting blades without water.

You should ideally match the blade with the speed range of the saw. Operating the diamond blade at a higher speed can also damage the blade irreversibly. Thus, you should always try to maintain the compatibility of the blades.

How would you choose the best diamond blades?

The manufacturers are offering certain types of diamond blades with diverse quality and cost levels. You can choose between blades from a basic economy level to a professional one. The major point of difference is the diamond content – the greatest raw material cost in manufacturing these blades. At this moment, you should decide what is more important to you: the initial cost of the blade or the total sawing cost. Purchasing an economy blade is suitable if you are performing small cutting jobs. For frequent use or large jobs, you should always make it a point to purchase a better-quality blade.

You can search such diamond blades online to check their specification. You can also compare their prices to choose an affordable one. But, if you do not have any experience in this field then you should not take any risk with these blades.

Depending on the diameter of the diamond blade, you can pay a hundred dollars or more. If this is too much you are willing to pay, consider hiring a concrete cutting professional, who will do the work for you and you do not have to spend a fortune buying a diamond blade.