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Advantages and Uses of Cantilever Racking

The cantilever racking is an ideal system for the purpose of storing various types of materials and items which often go misunderstood in terms of design and usage. Primarily designed for longer and thinner items, cantilever racks very effectively offer specific advantages. Cantilever racking systems are easy to assemble and they are available in different forms. They can bear heavy loads and you can assemble their different parts vertically or horizontally to save your space.

Cantilever Racking

Uses Of Cantilever Racking

If you are wondering that cantilever racking is best for your warehouse or not then you can read the following benefits to make the right decision:

  • Easy access & flexibility – The design of a cantilever rack includes two smaller racks on either side of a lengthy i-beam with nothing directly above & no traditional ‘shelf’ to speak of. This more open design allows for much easier access, and you can use forklifts to access shelves. In addition to the same, the design allows for much more specific item placement & retrieval, meaning you can keep more SKUs & specific items on the cantilever racking without any worries. You can also use such racks in your outdoor space.
  • Storing hard-to-shelves items – The plan of cantilever racking takes into account the capacity of more slender, longer things like steel racks, protracted bits of wood, radiates, or even pre-stuffed furnishings. While these pieces have generally demonstrated troublesome and awkward to store utilizing the customary racking and rack strategies, the open plan and by and large length of the cantilever racking is surely ideal for any tall, thin things you need to keep off the floor.
  • Saving time and money The cantilever racking can very well help you both save the effort and give things done more quickly. The design allows for easier item handling and storage, enabling the workers to find parts that need more quickly or load them on the shelves easily, as compared to the other types of racks. You can also include different parts or sections in your racks to store your items separately. You can use a forklift to load or unload your goods from the racks. These racks can increase the productivity level of your business and you can transport your goods with ease.

A Closer Look At The Overall Structural Build Of A Cantilever Rack Storage System

In order to better understand how a cantilever racking unit works, this is best to know its components. Do not worry though, as this is not like pallet rack shelving units which can have over 10 parts. The cantilever racking usually only has four major components:

  • Bases – The base anchors the complete rack system of the floor. This is the main source of support for the tower which is also referred to as a column. You must check their loading capacity before you install it.
  • Towers – Next up, the towers located at the very back of the storage system are directly mounted or attached to the base for proper stability. The tower stability is very crucial as this part provided the desired support to the arms. Shaky or wobbly columns will surely fail to provide adequate support to the arms.
  • Braces – The cantilever racking systems can either be diagonal, horizontal, or crisscross braces. The heavy-duty and high-density racks combine X band horizontal braces for optimum stabilization.
  • Arms – Finally, we have the arms that are the parts that have direct contact with the product which is stored on the rack. Bolted straight on the tower, these particular arms are what hold and support the items you want to place on the rack.

Cantilever’s racking system has several utilities and applications and thus they are in high demand. You can search for them online to choose the best one.