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Advantages and Types of Kraft Box Packaging

Kraft boxes have brought a revolution in the packaging industry due to their eco-friendly nature. These boxes can be conveniently used for any sort of packaging. Kraft boxes have stolen the limelight due to their affordable, durable, and lightweight material. These boxes are made from wood pulp so they help sustain the world. The strength of Kraft boxes is maximized during the manufacturing process which makes them perfect for holding any product safely. These boxes can withstand the shipping strain without altering their shape. These lightweight boxes are strong packaging options for your products.

Box Packaging

Customization options:

Kraft boxes are made according to the product manufacturer’s instructions. Kraft boxes vary in sizes, styles, and designs. The flexibility of these boxes allows them to be crafted in any size and shape. Custom made Kraft boxes are made as per product size to encase the product so no empty spaces are left behind between product and box walls. This reduces the need for extra protection material like packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. Kraft boxes can be made in any shape like square, rectangle, round, or any other shape that business owners feel will suit better with its products. The variety of Kraft boxes is dependent on the buyer’s needs. These boxes can be used in a different business niche like soap, cosmetics, jewelry, bakery, and many more. You can create unique designs like sleeve boxes, tray boxes, gable bags, window boxes, top flip, etc. to give products an appealing appearance. The neutral brown color of Kraft boxes can be customized in any color to match it with the product. Kraft boxes can be decorated with ribbon, accessories, and embellishments to make them look ravishing. Finishing options like glossy, matte spot UV, lamination, foiling, and many more can be used to make Kraft boxes out of the world.

Cost effective

Custom Kraft boxes are one of the cheapest boxes in the market. They are lightweight and can be used for, practically, every product in the market. Saving the cost of packaging is one of the most important targets in any business. For some product, packaging cost is more than the cost of the actual product. The burden of expensive packaging is usually borne by customers. Customers get disappointed with the high price of products when several other brands offer low prices for the same quality product.

Therefore Kraft boxes are perfect for packaging as they are very low cost so the customer doesn’t have to pay extra just because of box packaging. Evaluate the cost of packaging and potential benefits that will bring to your brand. This way you will get to know how in dire you are for custom boxes with logo. Remember good packaging doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Customize your Kraft boxes and accessorize them with beautiful embellishments to give your products luxurious and high-end touch.


Kraft boxes are highly eco-friendly. Custom Kraft boxes are made of Kraft material which is highly biodegradable. Now a day no manufacturer of business shall take a risk of using non-eco-friendly material because it reduces its business image. Customers look down upon a brand that does not use eco-friendly means to make sales. According to an independent survey 52, %of people choose a brand that was making a positive environmental and social impact.

The resistance of Kraft paper box

Kraft is a material that can bear a high level of pressure. Kraft boxes are highly resistant. Therefore, these days’ Kraft boxes are highly recommended by companies and customers. Kraft paper boxes are specially used then sending the product through courier. Kraft boxes can also bear extreme weather conditions like heat, moisture, humidity, etc. Kraft boxes keep the product intact and protect the product from damage and wear and tear. Kraft boxes are widely used for packing food products because they are strong and they come with handles when used for food products that make the carriage of food convenient. Custom Kraft boxes are preferred by restaurants because Kraft boxes can easily transfer the food and are also helpful in promoting the brand and product in the market. You can add laminations for extra protection against moisture and other dangers.

Suitable for gift packing

Custom Kraft boxes can be used to give gifts and make an impression. You can customize the Kraft boxes to reflect the taste of the person you are gifting. Custom Kraft boxes can be customized by the events, festivals, celebrations, etc. Custom Kraft boxes can be utilized to give favor boxes or goody bags in corporate events or personal celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Printing and graphic 

Printing and graphic designs are easy on Custom Kraft boxes. Custom Kraft boxes support many printing options like lithography, engraving, digital printing, or screen printing. It is widely used as a marketing tool for promoting products and brands. Brands usually print their log on Kraft boxes. The product information, data, contact details can be printed on boxes easily.

Let’s wrap up the entire discussion:

Create a long-lasting impression on shelf and customers’ hearts by using enchantingly customized Kraft boxes. Kraft boxes with logo will effectively communicate your brand’s vision and purpose to customers. Make Kraft boxes part of customers’ experience and see how packaging will jump off in customers’ shopping basket. Customers won’t be able to ignore your personalized and chic Kraft boxes. Kraft boxes are the shortcut any business needs to significantly grow.