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10 Tips To Face A Divorce In The Best Possible Way

Divorce can be a difficult process. Even in the best circumstances, the spirits can be in full
bloom and each new decision may seem more overwhelming than the previous one. It is human
to react emotionally to certain stages of divorce, but it is important to remember that your actions
during the process can affect your financial, family, and emotional situation in the coming years.
1. Meditate the decision before making the decision to divorce:
Before divorcing, have a very clear decision, do not rush. Perhaps separating first for a while
serves to reflect and decide if it is a definitive step. It is important to understand the causes of a

tips to face a divorce

Why is it so important to understand the causes of a divorce?
Our life, our behavior and the behavior of others are determined by the cause-effect relationship:
Things happen because something caused them.
It could be a single cause or the sum of several. We can meet them or not.
They may be:
– Obvious and indisputable.
For Example, I drive and my cell phone falls, I bend down to pick it up and collide. In this case,
it is easy to know the cause.
Unclear or even unconscious. Like thoughts, memories, emotions, especially if they are not
expressed, behavior habits, etc.
Why is it important to understand this relationship?
When we do not know the causes of divorce, several things can happen:
– We repeat the same error over and over again.
– We do not learn anything from what is happening.
– We assume things that may have nothing to do with reality, which can cause greater problems
or make us suffer uselessly.
For Example, My partner is in a bad mood and I, without clarifying it with her, assume that she is
angry with me.

This assumption can cause me different emotions that make me feel bad (anger, sadness, worry,
anguish, etc.) and/or different inappropriate behaviors (I stop talking to him, I talk to him in a
beaten way, etc.) that can cause lawsuits or problems among us.
When we do not know the causes of our divorce, we can wrongly attribute fault, our self-esteem
is affected, we cannot forgive ourselves and forgive our ex-partner, we make wrong decisions
and above all, we do not learn from what happened and we will commit them again. Same or
similar mistakes, with other people.
2. Best divorce by mutual agreement:
Always try to be a legal separation by mutual agreement. If the divorce or separation is by
mutual agreement, the process will be much faster and cheaper. Also, if there are children, it will
not be so traumatic. If that is your case, we recommend you to visit
3. Custody care:
In the case of having children, if it is shared custody and custody, each of the parents will bear
their expenses while they are in their company. If it is exclusive for one of the parents, the
non-custodian must pay the other parent a certain amount as food support, until the minors are
economically independent. If you want to know who the custody of the children is after a
divorce, we will tell you here.
4. Compensatory pension:
The compensatory pension should not be confused with the food pension: the food pension is
aimed at defraying the expenses of minors. The compensatory pension aims to alleviate the
the economic imbalance caused by divorce in one of the spouses, either due to lack of income (for
example, having stayed in the care of the children while the other spouse worked) or because of
being very inferior to those of the other spouse.
5. Consider the income statement:
Among these 10 tips to divorce, you cannot miss the notice that divorce also affects the income
statement. While it is true that the food pension does not pay taxes, as long as it derives from a
judicial decision or divorce agreement, it is also true that the compensatory pension can pay.
6. Deadlines depend on the degree of agreement:
The time it takes to obtain the divorce or separation sentence depends on the court where the
the procedure has fallen. However, if there is something that is clear, it is that contentious
procedures always take much longer and therefore cause a greater economic outlay than those by
mutual agreement.
7. Also, consider the costs:

It should be taken into account that a divorce by mutual agreement is much simpler, since the
the only thing that must be done is to draw up a regulatory agreement, which will be sent to the
corresponding Court for subsequent ratification by the parties. In contrast, a contentious divorce
is not only much longer but also more expensive. It is about immersing yourself in a judicial
procedure that can reach up to one year, therefore, provisional measures are established, the
validity of which will end with the sentence, which can ratify the aforementioned measures or
institute other measures with the character of definitive
8. The separation of assets:
When we talk about a divorce or separation, a question inevitably comes to mind: what will
happen to the assets we have? Well, in this case, what must be done is a liquidation of goods. A
family law expert is needed.
9. Option to modify the agreement:
In the event that, after the divorce or separation judgment is issued, the situation varies
substantially, there is a procedure for modifying measures of the regulatory agreement. This
procedure can be initiated only when the circumstances have varied and when the
aforementioned change is permanent, that is, it is not something temporary.
10. In case of default:
Indicate that, once the procedure has been completed, with the ratification in case of mutual
agreement, or with the definitive measures in case of dispute, the sentence is an executive title,
that is, in case of non-compliance, the execution of the sentence, at which time the
"noncompliant" would be forced to comply.
With these 10 tips to uncontested divorce, you may be clearer how to take your next steps.