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Manali Adventures

The quest for a holiday has been confusing. While I travel a lot, I have never had to explore it as I wished. Online journals are a perfect place for writers to chat about how a holiday goes in real-time and in more depth than a postcard. “Would you like to be here.

Manali Adventures

I feel a change today, an incredible sense of independence, a moment of consciousness that your dreams are not confined, so we wake up and wear. Get your dreams on the plane and go!

Welcome to my visual ride, a solo traveling with the dreams in my eyes and my little Go Pro which is lying in the process of capturing beautiful destinations.

I love to go faithfully to Amazon Fashion Week every season and this time after fashion week I finally decided, with the newly purchased Go Pro camera I needed to extend my vlogging skills with my newly obsessed phone, to escape in the Himalayas. What’s better than a ride to Manali from Delhi. It was to be a 16-hour bus ride full of breathtaking views.

How to Reach – Delhi to Manali

By Road: From Delhi you can go to Manali with a private bus. The Delhi-Manali road, which is about 550 kilometers long, also often offers buses from Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. We took from Delhi a late evening bus and woke up from my window to a lovely view. We were leaving from the stunning and pristine beas river between the snow-capped mountain valley.

Day 1 – Shivalik Hills / Snooze Hotel check-in all day.

I found sleeping after check-in at the hotel after 16 hours of a long journey and a fashion week had just ended. I almost took a day to adjust to the weather with a cold freezing snuggling in the warm quilt. Before I checked into Shivalik Hills at Mall Road I hunted down almost 4-5 hotels. I have been sold on this lovely flooring of oak, a balcony, a stunning mountain view.

Day 2.: Manali – In and Around

The warm sunshine stole my heart the next morning, and we looked forward to more discovery. I can not start expressing my passion for going out and seeing the unseen. Overnight, I loaded up my gadgets to begin early in the day. It’s always safer to rent a car from your hotel when you are looking for local commuting inside Manali as they’re real and secure while you are solo. A very polite and gentlemen, the driver from the hotel. I’ve also taught him how to take some of my Go Pro Camera shots and you’re going there I’ve been sorted! We had to cover Van Vihar, Tibetian, Manali Club, Hadimba Devi, and Vashisti Temple, Manali Mall Lane, and the following places during the day: We had to go to Van-Vihar.

Our first stop was Hadimpa Temple, a magnificent shrine built in the 1500s in the middle of the Dhungiri Van Vihar forest. In a small cellar inside a pagoda-style temple with complex wooden work on the entrance, the idol of Goddess Hadimbadevi is installed. We find yak rides and guests dressed in traditional Manali dresses for a lovely journey later. Our next stop was Him Valley, a park of culture and fun that would certainly enrich you with live cultural dancing.

We have been attempting a rope bounce game around the frozen water. When my feet first froze in the water, it froze, but I saw woohoo and enjoyed the game. It was fun to try and not as devastating as it seems.

Day 3: Unveils Solang Valley Snow Stage!

In an hour’s drive down the hill to get dirty with the snow, we start our day early with plenty of sunshine! From 6 ° C to a bubbling 0 ° C in the next one-hour journey! Ok, only by my Snapchat did I find the temperature. The locals insisted on me renting a very warm jumpsuit prior to the snow stage, which covered me against all the wind. You get high by the snow as the road curves! It was a view I could not explain in words when we reached Solang.

I got down the car and whoever reaches the higher height, so you can’t stay upright. I had to find out two ladies selling sticks. I’ve also spoken the most about Machado wali Maggi and then got on the road. The privilege of hiking in desolate glorious areas has now vanished. Newly married couples flocked around the snowline of the Rohtang pass and clicked images on the snow in every corner. Although a photo worth 1,000 words, I share some of Rohtang’s snowline’s eyes beyond beautiful sight.

Day 4: Exploring Local Villages

At present, my driver knew how crazy I was in picturesque destinations about stunning images. But he promised to take me to places worth clicking on this day. While I managed to make selfies and Go Pro shoots on my vlog video. But he already learned the way my DSLR and Go Pro can be used. I can’t be happier! I can’t be happier! I was wrapped in my freshly acquired H&M trench coat. We have been sailing all over the country.

 As we went into the villages, I began to remember his striking resemblance to the residence of my grandfather in Jammu Kashmir. As soon as our nostalgia begins to kick-off, in a snow-capped mountain and village, I see beautiful lines of exotic resorts, far from the bustle of the region. We travel between the yellow mustard fields and the apples now. And I told the driver that. “We got our photo spot! Stop the car here! Stop the car here!

Day 5: Local Shopping and Buddhist Monastery

Five steps away from the hotel I stayed in was the Himalayan Tibetan Monastery. In my vlog video, I have covered the lovely architecture of the city. This was my first time in a monastery and you’re enjoying that sort of peace and quiet. The hall of meditation was so calm, and you felt the energy you get. For an hour or so I sat there and the divine energy is starting to kick in!

My hotel was in town, where all the souvenir shopping took place. I kept scrolling through the market for an entire day. In Jammu, I have been reminded by the market. Pashmina shops and garments packed with ethnic Cashmere. For my mother and sister, I bought almost 5-6 dresses. One of the reasons why I finished shopping a lot of him was the shopkeeper guy too good. Guilty!