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India-Coorg Travel Diary.

Coorg is situated in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It’s a lovely hill resort popular for its coffee groves. Many of Coorg’s tourist places are the most adorable scenarios in our view. Every year, Coorg receives millions of tourists. Coorg is the safest and pollution-free town in my experience. “The best place for My Life.”

Coorg Travel Diary

* * * Come Let Our Day Start * * *

Imagine that, to see the happy path.

My friends and I were planning to go on a trip after completing my first graduate study year. Only for a break from our everyday life. We have been searching for several new locations and picked “COORG.” The day we begin our journey we are eagerly awaiting. It’s June 6, 2018, at last. Yeah!!! Yeah! That’s our date of departure. I did all the preparedness and packed it with great enthusiasm.

Our intention was three days to stay. We must go to Mysore by train from Tiruchirappalli and then take a taxi or van to the Coorg because there is no direct train. There is no road transport in Coorg. The distance from Mysore is 118 kilometers.

And we breathed fresh and clean Coorg air on the afternoon of June 07, 2018, at 12.00 pm. A Little Drizzling, we experienced a very cool climate. It was greenery. We felt no tiredness of any sort. So we have been trained to walk in the Misty Nature without wasting time.

  1. Church of St. Michael:

“Here I do, I do the second thing to serve Heaven.” This is a beautifully surrounded Catholic church. It was very close to the Residence of Our Stay. The church looks really traditional. Old English Church I felt like attending. I prayed for our safe journey and I prayed quietly. The square was really quiet. When I came out, I had a Spiritual Feeling. The Cross Tower at the top was so beautiful.

  1. Coorg Cookery

It’s been 1.30 p.m. But I thought it was like 6.00 p.m. Evening. The Little Rain Showers have so much light and cool atmosphere. It was a popular and Common Hotel for all kinds of Coorg Food, and we rented our car and went to a hotel called COORG CUISINE. It had a small room on the first floor of a building. Too many people were still waiting to get into the hallway. But I don’t know, I just went into the first table and sat. A kid went to me and said, “Please mother, some others have it reserved. So, can you wait outside? So I have on my head a Big Bulb Light. Then I smiled and walked away.

Finally, we ordered the “CHAPATHI, CHICKEN CURRY and GHEE RICE” table for their special cuisine Tell Guys honestly, what a lovely feeling it was!!! They are the flowers of the mouth. So hot and frozen. The Odd taste of the Chicken Curry was never in my lifetimes. My belly was very flat. We paid the owner for his special taste and thanked him for it.

  1. Abbey Falls

There were several waterfalls in Coorg, our next place was to visit ABBÉY FALLS. Among them, many people visited and are the most famous waterfalls in Madikeri, Coorg. Owing to its simple usability and elegance. We had a perfect atmosphere at 3.00 pm. Drizzling wasn’t there. The Sun lifted her face only. In the cool climate, it was so pleasant to have Little Water. We used to go to Falls Abbey. Many curves, Fog, and Lush greenery covered mountains had been added to the route. It’s been a trip to freedom.

At last, we entered Abbey’s entrance drop. There were a lot of people there. We charged Rs.10 as entry fees for each and walked down to the waterfalls for half a kilometer. The road was well constructed and maintained. As the falls close, I hear the crash. I can not wait to see it. I can’t wait to see it. But I ran fast. And it was a beautiful beauty when opening my mouth. The water was pure white and cool, like a vanilla ice cream. Bathing has been banned here. So only did we love her Image and enjoy the Cool Breeze.

  1. Raja’s Seat

At 5.00 PM. We went to Raja’s Place. Its a Seasonal Garden with Colorful Flowers and Artificial Fountains. It is one of Madikeri’s most popular tourist resorts, Coorg. We’ve seen a high mountain chain and low mountains full of dung.

This beautiful place was a favorite for kings who lived here in the past. But this name has this. It is a view of the sunrise here in the early morning. And the Evening Sunset too.

We couldn’t see any of them, though. Since the Bright Sun for the days, we have been there was Moody and Unusual. Spicy Sweet Corn and Coorg Coffee were outside this park. It was great to have them in this incredible environment with a nice scent.

  1. Tala Kaveri

We chose to go to Tala Kaveri on the Next Day. It is the origin of the Kaveri River.

The Brahmagiri hill is located here. It is 1,276 meters high. We Traveled on Hill Road which was our Unforgettable Journey!! Because the Heavy Rain was at the beginning of our Ride. But now we have felt so memorable, little frightened. Mind-Blowing was the view of Western Ghats. We didn’t know where we were going, but all we had on our way was enjoyed.

We watched every Scenic Beauty without blinding our eyes. Only Beaten Other hill stations including Ooty, Darjeeling, and Kodaikanal. Because it had been so useful!! After 2 hours of journey, we reached the top. For each Rs. 10 we paid as entry fees. We took our shoes off on the track. As the Holiest Place for pilgrims was considered. When I kept my feet at Tala Kaveri, I felt like a Reborn infant. My body was the Warmth and the Cold.

I can’t even close my eyes as I’m struck by the Smoky Snow View. Gradually I started changing and came in. There was a temple. And it was really close to the water source. The waters were cold and clean. I was really surprised to see that this tiny spring washed up my entire State (Tamil Nadu). Water flows from here for Miles. It is rendered inconceivable!!!