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Immerse Yourself in These Spectacular Places in Kolkata to Feel the Vibe of the City.

Kolkata is a city with a heart and a soul! Located on the Eastern bank of the Hooghly River, the present vibrant and modern picture of the city with bustling streets has drastically emerged out of a rich past. Known as the ‘Gateway of Eastern India’ and ‘the Cultural Capital of India’, the popular attractions in Kolkata spellbind you besides educating you on the city’s dominant contribution to India’s history, culture, arts, science, literature, and spiritualism. With a stunning nightlife, distinctive Bengali cuisine, busy shopping markets, and myriad natural wonders, Kolkata is one such rare city that doesn’t disappoint any of its guests. Visit the ‘City of Joy’ and witness the perpetual celebration of co-existence mirrored in the simple lifestyle of the residents.

places in Kolkata

  1. Victoria Memorial:

Kolkata was the capital of the British reign until the powers were passed on to Delhi and hence many opulent monuments, churches, and other attractions in Kolkata put the charm of the colonial-era architecture on display. Victoria Memorial, named after Queen Victoria, is one of the topmost tourist places in Kolkata. It is a white marble edifice in the center of verdant gardens. A bronze statue (the symbol of victory) is perched on the top of the monument. The 25 galleries of the museum preserve about 4000 paintings; 28,000 artifacts of historical importance, and multiple books and sculptures. It also hosts magnificent light and sound shows at dusk.

  1. Howrah Bridge:

As the Taj Mahal is the center of attraction in India, Howrah Bridge is the famous landmark of Kolkata. A tour to Kolkata is said to be incomplete without visiting Howrah Bridge, a mighty cantilever bridge over the vast Hooghly River. This sixth-longest bridge in the world is the most preferred tourist attraction in Kolkata. Officially named as Rabindra Setu, the 71-feet-wide iconic bridge is artistically divided into 8 lanes and is an essential part of the daily commute connecting the cities of Kolkata and Howrah. Walking on the brightly lit-up bridge in the night-time and gazing at the shine of the bridge-sea-star trio is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience!

  1. Science City:

Science is crucial to our existence, but all that is important is not always easy to understand. Science city is the place where Science is elucidated in funny ways. This entertainment and educational center is one such place in Kolkata, where most families and friend groups would like to spend their holiday. Consisting of two components, namely the Science Centre and the Convention Centre, it is the largest unit of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) under the governance of the Ministry of Culture, India.  Science is simplified here, with the help of sophisticated technology and entertaining methods.  There’s a lot of fun and learning at this tourist attraction in Kolkata. Understand the visual perceptions, geography, and biodiversity on Earth, the facts about the universe, board the time machine, and virtually experience the space!

  1. Dakshineswar Kali Temple:

Dakshineswar Kali Temple, located on the Eastern bank of the Hooghly River, is the popular pilgrim attraction in Kolkata.  The sacred three-story temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhavatarani, a manifestation of Maa Kali. Offering prayers at this place is believed to bestow spiritual freedom on the devotees. The nine-spired main temple, an example of classic Bengali-style Navaratna architecture, is surrounded by a spacious courtyard. It also houses other shrines of Lord Shiva, Radha-Krishna, and Rani Rashmoni, who built the temple.  The great sage and reformer Ramakrishna Paramahansa was one of the earliest priests of this temple. Visitors can also enter his residence, a small room located on the premises of the temple, where he lived along with his wife.

5. College Street:
A street in Kolkata is popular as ' College Street’ because of the presence of famous academic
institutions! Do you know it is also the largest book market in India and the second-largest secondhand
book market in the world? Bookstores can be found everywhere in this street and the locals fondly
named this place in Kolkata as the ' Book town.’ College Street is the absolute paradise for all the
bibliophiles! Land in a world of books, but don’t get lost looking at the collection of academic books,
rare copies, almost extinct editions, novels, fiction, non-fiction, and many other texts! Also, visit the
Indian Coffee House, the 'chai-pe-charcha' spot (discussion room) of the notable Indian intellectuals
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