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Here’s What No One Tells You About Triund Trek

About Triund Trek

Triund is a small hill station and most popular trekking destination among youngsters and other age group persons. The Triund Trek offers majestic views of Kangra Valley, Bhagsu Village, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, and Kangra Valley. The actual location of the triund trek is near Dharamkot and perched at the elevation of 2,828 meters above sea level at the foothills of Dhauladhar Range. The Triund top is a small land comprising an alpine meadow. It is the most serene location of the Triund trek.


It is a day trek which can be accessed through Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. Distance from Mcleodganj to Triund is 10 kilometers and from Dharamkot is 6 kilometers. The way to trek goes near Galu Temple at Dharamkot. The whole trek route is surrounded by alpine meadows, Deodar, and Rhododendron forest. The last one kilometers is the most amazing where you will experience 22 curves to reach Triund Top. The difficulty level of the triund trek is easy. It will hardly take 4-5 hours to complete the trek from one side. As you reach there, then you will experience the most fantastic sunrise of your life and after stargazing in the night from your campsite will excite you more. The next wonder you will experience the sunrise in the morning. Stunning views of Dhauladhar and Kangra Valley is just like a bonus.

It is just the formal information about triund trek; other information is yet to be revealed.

The Hidden Truths About Triund

Most of the information you will find about Triund revolves around Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. That is true both the places are so beautiful and worth visiting. But for the people who have never visited these places, we should know that these places remain overcrowded when the tourist season is on the verge. That is due to the popularity of sites. There are other serene places also which are underrated due to hidden under the shadows of these places.

  • Triund is not the end of the trekking. Beyond it are other heavenly treks that also exist like Indrahar Trek and Lahesh Cave Trek.

The Indrahar Pass Trek

Indrahar is the mountain pass perched at the elevation of 4,342 meters above sea level. It is settled in the Dhauladhar Mountains. It is between the Kangra and Chamba Valley. The views from the Indrahar Pass trek are more beautiful than Triund Trek. The thing is only that difficulty level is moderate in comparison to the difficulty of Triund. The trek route is steep, which passes from the dense forest of Rhododendrons, Mapple, and Deodar forest, where trekking trails run along alpine meadows. It will be the most fantastic experience to see Dhauladhar Peaks from closely while trekking to Indrahar Pass.

Lahesh Cave Trek

It is somewhere between Triund and Indrahar Pass. If you do not want to go till Indrahar from Triund due to the less availability of time, then you can spend your best time at Lahesh Caves site, which is also a pristine and serene location. It is perched at the elevation of 3,598 meters above sea level.

  • Naddi Village – The Underrated Most Beautiful Village

The Naddi village is just a drive away if you want to reach early, and if you’re going to explore more than just walking some kilometers, you can easily reach there. Here you will not find ant tourist spot because here you will find only one thing that is peace and rejuvenation. The silence and serenity will cast a spell on you to stay there without checking the watch.

  • Dharamkot Village- Better then Mcleodganj or Dharamshala for stay

Most of the tourists prefer to stay at Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, but the Dharamkot village is for those who want to stay with peace. The interesting thing about Dharamkot is that from here you can go to Triund, also visit Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. It is the best place to know the culture of local people and spend some time in the alpine meadows surrounded by Deodar and Rhododendron forest.

It is all the information about Triund and some facts which are hidden under the shadow of the primary destination. Although Naddi Village, Dharamkot village are small places, these are worth visiting, and for getting more adventure, you can trek to Lahesh Caves and Indrahar Pass.