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Perfect Designer Bags: How to Choose It? The Advice You Need

Find out how to choose the perfect bag. Enhance your body by choosing the bag that’s right for you!
If you say woman you say bag. Over the shoulder, large, small, colored, black, the important thing is that it is there and that it accompanies our days.

Designer Bags

I think you can go out without rings or with a bra different from the panty, or maybe naked but going out without a purse would be like telling Paris Hilton to go out without her dogs.

One day I read somewhere that you can understand a lot about a woman by looking at the contents of her purse and I got a wave of disappointment because if really someone were to judge me based on that, well, they would think I am a case report.
Yet even in the handbag field, it is all a question of balance that must not slip away. The concept is very simple: if looking in the mirror before going out, you see the bag, then the bag again, and finally, an indistinct figure attached to the bag, then something is wrong. If you are mignon it is better to leave the XXL bag in the shop and choose a model that is in tune with your body. If, on the other hand, you are tall and curvy, perhaps the Tic Tac packet size clutch bag is not exactly the most sensible purchase. But size is also a bon ton factor: large bags for the day and smaller ones for the evening, don’t forget!

Here there is an important premise to be made and that is whether you are buying a fashionable bag, perhaps yellow, or an evergreen model. In the first case, you don’t need to pay much attention to the materials, risking spending a fortune on a model that you will put on and off ten times and which will then be exiled in the closet for at least two years until one day you will find it buried by another thirty bags.
Are you buying a black or tan colored bag instead? Well, focus on the materials, finishes, and metal parts (such as hinges and any trinkets that will otherwise lose their luster immediately). But above all do not think that a bag, to be beautiful, must necessarily be branded and very expensive. There are artisans who produce wholesale designer bags that have absolutely nothing to envy to the great fashion houses.

Do I need to give you some motivation? Because you will understand a mile away that it is not original and you will go around not with a handbag but with a slogan that would sound more or less like this: I could not afford the signed one and so I took a tarot.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to invest that money for a handbag without any logo but certainly made of better materials and may be made in France maybe? Do not think that they are cheap, the more the imitation is similar to the original, the higher the price.

If, on the other hand, your curves are concentrated at the navel height, also in this case opt for bags that reach the height of the hips. If the breasts are very generous, I would avoid the shoulder models. Let’s say it would make too clear a road through the green hills, okay?