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Five Ways You Can Look More Attractive?  

Who does not want to look more attractive? People do many crazy things to just look attractive and pleasing to others around them. You can attract people by your looks, personality or your qualities. All of these things play role in making you more attractive to others but generally, we have noticed that looks are the most common factor and usually the first thing that people notice about anyone. But later on, you realize that looks are not the only thing through which you attract others to yourself, the reality is that people attract others by their qualities so focusing on your looks only is not enough, a person should concentrate on building qualities. So below are some ways through which people attract others towards themselves.


1. Improve Confidence 

 A most important problem that people facing currently is a lack of confidence. For example, people could face the problem of rejection or they may be insecure about their looks that badly influence their personality and ability. So, to improve your confidence, the most important thing is believing, you should have believed in yourself. If you will have believed you can achieve anything you want in your entire life.


2. Make Meaningful Eye Contact  

Eye-contact is another most important factor through which people are attracted to you. This strategy to look at someone’s eyes is very effective as by this method people will fully engage and listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Simply if you want that your conversation becomes fruitful and meaningful you should make eye-contact with others.


3. Ask The Right Question 

This is very important for a person to ask the right or appropriate question during the conversation. It has been noticing that people prefer talking about themselves so it is essential to ask the right question. For example, I would ask other people to talk about their story and then simply forms the questions about the topics they talk about. So instead of talking continuously, you must know the interest of others let them talk about themselves and from their interest, you should form a question this will make your conversation enjoyable.


4. Gain A Sense Of Humor 

Research by the University of Kansas has found that humor is also important to factor to make someone listen to what you are intended to speak. Everyone likes a jolly and easy-going person instead of a serious and boring person. So, to make a good impression on your listeners you must have a good sense of humor that will appeal to everyone around you.


5. Be Honesty  

When you are honest with other people, they simply like this quality of your and become more attracted to you. For example, if you promise someone to do something for them and you keep your word by actually doing it, this will attract people easily towards you.