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5 Ways Women Can Renovate Their Home


Think that your home needs a makeover and a touch of freshness? Or if you are stuck at home and simply need a DIY project that adds value? Here are a few ways you can renovate your home. The pointers here aren’t any heavy-duty change and can be done easily. You can also choose to renovate a few rooms at a time like renovate kids’ bedrooms or the living room for starters. The products you use will also be available easily enough or you can just order them online for it to be delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Paint and add lights

Using paint is the first and quickest method to make the room look new. If you have old wallpaper or if the room was painted quite a while ago, you can use newer paint palettes to make it look new. It is inexpensive and makes a huge difference. Add a bold color to liven up the area or tone it down. For example, you could add lighter colors if you have a small living room to make it look more open. These days there are techniques to paint walls and make it look, designer. Or you could simply go for painting characters or objects on walls to renovate kids’ bedrooms.

Also, the addition of lights is a good way to make a room feel better. Often the lights used in older homes are dimmer. But today we have mood lights, great lamp pieces and brighter light for certain areas where we work or read. Adding lights at the right places can make the home look more open and comfortable.

  1. Upgrade doors

Doors are one thing most homeowners ignore for a good while. But they can bring up the appeal of a home. If you have old plain doors, repaint them and highlight the uniqueness of each. Paint the interior doors any nude cool color so that they blend in with your décor. You can also upgrade the doorknobs and find good deals on local craft stores so it can be an easy DIY for you.

  1. Accessorize

Buy chic accessories and add them to your house to build character. When I say chic, I don’t mean expensive. You can find them in thrift shops as well. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or magazines and use that as a guide. You can hand art pieces on the walls and family pictures while you try to renovate kids bedroom. You must do some research on mounting and how to use the wall’s surface. The art piece you select must be the right scale and size for the wall.

  1. Shelves and storage

You could also think about adding small shelves to keep decorative pieces or just to store items like books. Think about storage ideas as well if you are short on space and work on those. Try built-in structures, but this might take a little more of an effort and professional advice.

  1. Replace old items

You can replace older items with new ones to bring some color and character. Try changing the throw pillowson your bed and bring in new curtains. Change the shower curtains and add quirky cookware pieces.

You can do all of this within budget and don’t require a handyman. Also, if you have completed all of this, do washing out the rugs and carpets by yourself as it can make a room look better and newer. Paint your cabinets a new color or grow a herb garden in your kitchen by using small containers. Women can do a lot of things in order to renovate their homes, but the most important is the cleaning and housekeeping to keep your home looking new.