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How To Survive The Hot Summer Night

Cruel summer temperature is unavoidable and many of us struggle with heat to stay comfortable, reax and get some shut eye. It can be very difficult and painful to sleep in hot summer night that you wonder how the hell your ancestors made it through a heat without AC. It is possible to reduce the effect of heat with few tips, which can make big difference in sleep comfort.

1 – Sleep in a room with good ventilation

Keeping the room cool and achieving the ideal thermal comfort is a vital condition for better sleep. During the day it is advisable to have the windows closed and lower the blinds to prevent heat from entering. It is best to ventilate the room only during the first hours of the morning and when the sun sets. In this way, the environment will be kept cool and it will be more pleasant to go to bed at night.

2 – Choose breathable fabrics

Linen or cotton bedding is best suited for summer nights because it is lighter, breathable and helps reduce humidity. Due to the heat, you may be tempted to take off our pajamas and sleep naked. The best option is to use something light that allows the skin to breathe and air to circulate.

3 – Lie down on a cool and comfortable bed

Having at your disposal a good bed and a good mattress is essential to enjoy a truly regenerative break, also in summer. Manufactured in three different materials, including micro perforated latex, a material with thermoregulatory properties, and covered with a Tencel cover, a soft, breathable and fresh fabric, Tediber’s incredible mattress adapts perfectly to each season of the year and is the best ally against the hot summer nights.

4 – Eat healthy and light

In summer it is best to avoid eating hearty food at midday, as well as during dinner. It is best to opt for salads, light recipes and easy-to-digest foods. The body will have to work less to digest the food and will generate less heat.

5 – Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

It is important not to limit you to drinking at night, but to stay well hydrated throughout the day. It is advisable to consume at least 1.5 liters of water per day; a good hydration contributes to noticeably diminish the sensation of heat thus making hot summer night easy to live with. Also, to prevent thirst from disturbing our sleep, it is always a good idea to leave a bottle of water near the bed.

6 – Take a refreshing shower

The best method to combat the summer heat is, surely, a good refreshing shower. The water temperature should not be too hot or too cold, but stay around 37 degrees. The jets of water help to lower the body temperature and gives a feeling of freshness and well-being.

7- Deactivate electrical appliances in the room

The tablet charging, mini fridge in the room, the computer on, wifi router and the mobiles connected to the current: at night it is better to turn off all the electrical appliances that are in the room and disconnect them from the network. These devices generate additional heat even when they are already charged. It is also unadvisable to take the computer to bed, because it overheats and transmits heat. More the mini fridge out of room, you can place it in the dressing area beside bathroom and still have easy access to it. Router should be placed in a central position in the house, that way you will have good signal strength on other parts of the house and a little less heat for sleeping area.

8 – Use the air conditioner responsibly

Although it seems very tempting, it is not advisable to sleep with the air conditioner on. It is best to use it shortly before bedtime to create a cool environment and turn it off just as you enter the bed. To avoid health problems, experts recommend that the air conditioner be adjusted so that the difference between the outside and inside temperature never exceeds 5 ° C.

Above tips will make hot summer night painless and will make it easy for you to get quality sleep.