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How To Pick The Right Perfume Or Fragrance For You

Perfumes, Fragrances or scents are used by everyone, men and women alike to enhance their personality, to attract attention, and to enhance their beauty. The perfume you wear plays a powerful role in making you smell good, setting mode, or echo adoring memories. When choosing a perfume there’s a rare pressure on one’s mind to find the right statement fragrance. Maybe due to the overwhelming number of scents available in the market or due to fear of smelling over scented like a person who just discovered scent.

Right Perfume

Choosing the right fragrance or perfume is always a trial and error task, you select a perfume if you don’t like it you move to another, still, there are few things which will help you decide on which perfume will suit you. Floral scents are popular among both genders, not just women. For example, scent based on rose is uplifting and romantic. More on few florals later on, right now let’s find out about fragrance notes and concentration as these characteristics determine the fragrance appeal in the long run.

Fragrance Notes

Yes, fragrances have notes because it is described in the musical metaphor. Every fragrance has three notes that are Top, Middle, and Base note. Which unfold over time. Top Note is the scent that you smell immediately after using perfume. The scent of this note is described as sharp and fresh, it lasts for a few minutes. The scent of the perfume that appears after the scent of top note disappears, is the Middle Note also known as the heart or body of the perfume. The scent of the middle note is long-lasting and stays prominent for a few hours. The scent of the middle note also masks the unpleasant scent of base note that becomes pleasant with time. Rose and Lavender are classic middle note scents. Scents of both Middle and Base Note are the main theme of the perfume, working together they bring solidness, boldness, and freshness to a perfume. Base note scents last until the end of the day. Musk, vetiver and scents of plant resins are used as base note scents.

Fragrance Concentration

Fragrances are made in four different concentrations. The higher the concentration gets; the more powerful and long-lasting perfume becomes. Price also goes up with high concentration but people think the high price is worth it. A fragrance with the highest concentration is called perfume or perfume that will last all day with a single application over wrists or pulse points. The next lower level of concentration is known as Eau de parfum, which can easily last for up to six hours. The third level of concentration is called eau de toilette which is low priced and easily available. You will need to reapply this level of scent to go through the day. The last and fourth level of concentration is called eau de cologne which lasts only a few hours.

Test The Fragrance

Before purchasing any fragrance, you should test it to see if it is something you will like to wear all day. You can sniff the bottle of a fragrance to get the idea of what it smells like. Many retailers offer testers so people can test it. Apply it to your wrists, wait a few minutes and then smell the scent on your skin. Hormones and pheromones of our skin can also alter the way a scent smells, so it is ideal to do the skin test before purchasing a scent.

Take Tester Sprayed Sticks With You

Till now you have gained a good sense of what to look for in a scent other than just how it smells. It is time to decide on above characteristics and then choose a scent that speaks to you. If you can’t decide between two then just grab tester sprayed sticks and put each stick in separate pockets or spray each perfume on separate wrist. Now leave the shop and do what you have to from running errands, eating lunch or going to a movie. By doing this you can see how fragrances shifts through different tones and you can make sure you like them. Till the end of the day both or one of these fragrances will emerge as your favorite, you can now go and purchase it with confidence.

Congratulations! You have done it. You finally have the next signature scent—or, at least, a new fragrance you like enough to wear all day long. We wish you live happily ever after.