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How To Monitor Your Employees Computer with Best Screen Recording App?

The productivity of employees matters for every business owner and manager. What your workers do during the duty hours can make you gain or lose in the form of production, income, or profit. The productive workers are a company’s valuable asset, whereas, the unproductive and unfaithful employees are merely a burden. Businesspersons across the world track productivity of employees by supervising their activities inside the workstation.

 There are employee monitoring and business management tools helping employers to boost workers’ efficiency and profitability of the organization. In this article, we have reviewed one of the most advanced apps for supervising employees’ activities on computer devices. Read on to know how the screen recording app of OgyMogy lets you capture the computer screen of your working staff and results in higher productivity of the workforce.

Screen Recording App for Computers

Have you ever used a screen recorder app to capture the screen of your digital device? Here, we have reviewed the most advanced screen recording app for computers. It enables the user to capture the screen of a computer device without having access to it. No matter where you are, you can see what activities are being performed on a computer.

How to screen recording app works

If you want to do surveillance on your employee’s computer devices running with different operating systems then you need to use OgyMogy computer monitoring app. However, use the browser of your PC to have an internet connection. In addition to that, use a search engine and get access to the official webpage of the computer tracking app. When you have found the webpage then you have to get the subscription.

Get OgyMogy subscription via the web

Once you have accessed the webpage then you need to get the license and for this purpose, you need to have a subscription. Now login to your email particular one provided for the subscription and check the inbox you will get the credentials.

Get physical Access on Target PC

Afterward, you need to have physical access on the target device and get the possession of the device as soon as possible to get started with the installation process. When you got the physical access on the target device then start the process of installation. After the process of installation got ended then you have to complete the set up on the target device.

Activate OGYMOGY Web Control Panel

It is the right time for you to procure the credentials in terms of passcode and ID then you have received via email at the time of subscription. Use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal. In addition to that, you can further visit the powerful tools of the windows tracking app and use its powerful tools to see the live activities happening on the PC screen instantly.

Compatible Devices and OS

OgyMogy is fully compatible with all the contemporary laptop and desktop computer devices running particularly with windows and MAC.

Use OgyMogy windows Monitoring Powerful Tools to Monitor PC Screen

There are plenty of tools of computer tracking app but you need to get access to the online dashboard where you need to activate the screen recorder software. This particular tool is specially developed for business professionals to record screen activities of business-owned devices like laptop and desktop devices running with Windows OS. Let’s get to know about the working of this tech-tool to get the job done.

Live screen recording software

When you have installed OGYMOGY computer surveillance app on the target device and you activated the web portal then you just need to visit the features where you need to tap on the screen monitoring app. it will instantly start performing recording of the screen in a series and ended up with plenty of recorded short videos and deliver these videos to the web control panel. Now you have got access to the online dashboard where you can see the live recording of the computer screen to the fullest. You can see browsing activities, social media activities, chats, messages, shared documents, emails sent or received and unproductive stuff running on the target device.


OgyMogy is the best and ultimate PC tracking app that is packed with a screen recording tool that empowers you to see employee live activities on business owned laptops and desktops.