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How to Keep Fashion Clothes New

Fashion Clothes

As you poke around your closet, you noticed that your fashion clothes are in shambles. How did this happen? From your old favorites to never-worn-panic-buying clothes, they are all in disarray and damage.

You may have remembered over the spilled coffee, or the snagged sharp on the clothes. But, that’s not the number one cause why our clothes are ruined. Then, what is? Well, truth be told– it is how you wash your clothes.

Did you remember those laundry sessions when you have shrunk your favorite sweater? Or you accidentally washed a dry-clean-only shirt? Now, laundry habits are the real culprit in damaged and disarrayed fashion wears.

But, if you put extra attention and effort on how to keep fashion clothes new, you can maintain its pristine condition. Some of these tips and tricks are quite familiar to you, but that’s how to keep your A1 quality clothing looking new.

Buy High-Quality Clothing

If you want your fashion style to be on point, ensure that your clothing is high-quality. We don’t recommend overly expensive fashion clothes. But, spend more on quality clothes that will never go out of style. Clothes made with top-notch materials will hold up for decades!

Look at that retro jacket your grandmother lends to you? It’s still looking new. Compare it to that shirt you bought from a fash fashion store that has holes the fifth time you washed it.

Now, you could tell the importance of high-quality clothes, right? That’s why buying high-quality clothing is the first step to keep fashion clothes new, even if you will have it for decades, you can still rock your style.

Fashion Clothes

General Care Tips

Before we talk about the laundry care tips, let’s talk about the general care tips first.

  • Spray your perfume before you get dressed. Perfumes contain alcohol, and it can cause discoloration, fades, or stains on clothes.
  • When changing out of your clothes, before you put them in the laundry basket, let the clothes air out for 30 minutes. You can hang your clothes on a rack or hanger.
  • Always check and pre-clean your clothes before placing them in the laundry basket. Do not let stains dry or left untreated.
  • Sort your clothes by color and dirtiness level. Make use of different laundry bags.

Fashion Clothes

Tips for Home Laundering to Make Clothes Look New

Make your fast-fashion clothes or designer clothes in great shape by following these tips for home laundering.

Pay Attention to Laundry

The tag on the seams of your cloth is not a decoration– they are important! It is the laundering instructions of your clothes. If you have new clothes, or even before putting them in the washer, check their tags first.

If you are not a fan of hand-washing and line-drying, then do not buy clothes that need special care. In fact, it is best to include checking the laundering instructions as a part of your shopping process. Do not ignore the care instructions of your clothes, you will end up ruining them.

So, always check on the instruction tags and remind yourself of these general techniques when you are doing the laundry:

  • Wash Dark Clothes Inside-Out: Dark-colored clothes are easily faded as it rubs with other clothes in the wash. To keep this type of fashion clothes new, launder them inside-out, this will help them hold their color. Also, do not forget to wash colored clothes separately with the white ones, you might stain them. Make sure to use color-safe and gentle fabric detergents.
  • Separately Wash Clothes with Metal: We all have clothes with buttons and zippers, keep an eye on these clothes. They can become seriously hot in the dryer and may result in melting your other clothes. Do not wash them with delicate clothes.
  • Know Your Washer Settings: Each washer and dryers are different, but they all come with instruction manuals. Read up the instructions specific to the model. You need to know when to use the “normal”, “delicate”, and “hand wash” settings. Usually, delicate settings are used for lingeries, and clothes that need to be washed gently. The delicate settings do not use agitation, so your clothes are not prone to wear and tear.

Use Cold Water

Do you know that clothes made from natural fabrics tend to shrink when they are washed with hot or warm water? Wash your clothes with cold water to extend their lifespan.

Choose the Right Detergent

Laundry detergents are not the same. Some detergents can harm your clothes, while some prevent your clothes from fading or shrinking. Also, use liquid detergents, powdered ones are harsh on clothes.

Adjust Dryer

The most-damaging home appliance to clothes is the dryer. It releases heat that can scorch, shrink, fade, and pill clothes. But, we cannot lie how convenient it is, it saves us time– but, it will also reduce the lifespan of our clothes. So, if you want to use your dryer, make sure to check its settings. Configure the temperature, dryness, and time.

Lower its temperature while keeping the same dry time, take out your clothes while they are damp. Let your clothes continue to dry in a laundry rack. Not letting your clothes dry out inside the dryer will prevent them from shrinking.

Final Thoughts

To be truly stylish, it does not need a large walk-in closet with designer clothes worth millions– you do not need that to look good. But, to look good, you have to keep your fashion clothes new-looking. That will make you feel great! Look after your clothes. You can do that with the top tips we talked about.