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How to Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House

We all like to clean our home well. Did you just perform the general house cleaning and do you think it is completely clean? Surely it would not take great efforts to clean the home properly. Corners and objects like led lights that due to their difficult access or their peculiar shape tend to accumulate dirt although we strive to clean Here is how to clean the toughest spots around the house.

Blinds: permanently exposed to dirt from the outside, they are usually the forgotten ones of the house. However, a dirty blind can give a careless image of our home from the outside. In the case of Venetian blinds, it will be enough to use a cotton glove moistened with water (add a splash of vinegar if they are wooden slats) and slide your hands between the slots. Further. The brush nozzle of the vacuum cleaner will allow you to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. A cloth with water and ammonia will serve to clean the slats. Also take help of duster and vacuum cleaning the blind is also useful.

blinds - Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House


Ceiling Fan: a pillow case will help you to eliminate accumulated dirt in the blades and act as good fan cleaner. You will need a ladder to place yourself at the height of the fan. First of all, we advise you to place a wide towel on the floor, under the fan, to collect the possible remains that fall. Prepare a mixture of water with a splash of vinegar and spray it inside the pillow case. Then, introduce each blade in the sleeve, applying the cleaning solution as many times as necessary.


Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House


Lights: First and foremost thing you need is to make sure not only your lights are turned off but they are also cooled down before you start cleaning them. You will need a soft and dry cloth for cleaning lights no matter what type of light you are about to clean.  Microfiber cloth will work really nice here. Hold the bulb by its base that goes into bulb holder and swipe any dust settled on it away with the cloth. You need to avoid using damp cloth where possible as it can damage electronics by short-circuiting.


lights - Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House


If you are cleaning lamps then first remove the bulb so it does not get damaged. Now you can clean the outside and the inside of the lamp, first use a soft bristle brush on the lamp to loose and remove some the dust then use microfiber cloth to clean the dust properly. For fixed fluorescent tube lights you can use the same method of cleaning as bulbs. Just remember to clean any cover or reflector around the lights as they also accumulate dust.

Windows and Doors: For extremely dirty windows, it is best to use a porous sponge and clean from the top to the bottom to avoid dripping water. A microfiber cloth will help polish the glass when it is dry, taking care that it does not release any lint that may be stuck to the glass. Another way to clean the windows and sliding door tracks without scratching them is to use old newspaper, never new since the ink can stain. Paper is a miraculous trick because with it you can rub without fear of scratching the glass. Using Newspaper on sliding doors and sliding widows will make your glasses more resistant to dirt.


doors - Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House


Sliding Windows and Sliding Door Tracks: For cleaning the tracks of the windows and doors, use a brush to loosen up all the accumulated dust then use vacuum cleaner with micro nozzles that come with it to suck all the dist. After vacuuming the tracks see if there are any objects left, which may be large or heavy for a vacuum to suck into the dust bag and pick them up. Now you have clean door and windows tracks.


windows - Clean the Toughest Spots Around the House


Dishwasher: Rinse the Dishwasher to remove food residue. Sprinkle the Dishwasher and faucet with a generous amount of baking soda. Then, rub with a slightly damp sponge. (Avoid steel or pumice stones, which are abrasive and can scratch the sink). Sodium bicarbonate will form a paste that eliminates persistent adhesion to food and persistent odors. Rinse the sponge and rub with cold water to clean any residue.


how to clean a dishwasher


Toilet: Considered an excellent cleaning agent, borax is a useful substance to disinfect and bleach the home’s toilet. Although it is a bit more aggressive than the previous ingredients, it does not cause strong impacts on the environment or leave volatile compounds harmful to health. Moisten the baking soda with the oxygenated water and use the paste obtained to clean the stains of the toilet. Optionally you can add the juice of a lemon to achieve a more powerful whitening effect.


how to clean toilet

We have explained how you can clean the toughest spots around the house or objects which easily catch dust and looks dirty. Here we have listed the most common things out of many which are challenging to keep clean.