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What Are the Side Effects of Vitamin IV Therapy?

There are various celebrities who have been using Vitamin IV therapy. Well, there are going to be various people out there who might not know about such therapy. It is a kind of a mixture that is saline in nature and is administered in the body of an individual through the veins. This is to be done through the needle.

There are many celebrities out there who have been using such therapies to make an impact and to look young. There has been news as well that some celebrities like Kendell Jenner were hospitalized in the past because she might have received the Vitamin IV therapy side effects.

Vitamin IV Therapy

We do not know whether what might have happened with miss Jenner but this statement put light on the negative effects of the IV therapy. There are a lot of celebs that have turned from Vitamin IV therapy because of the negative effect the therapy is having on the body of the individual.

There are various symptoms that the body is going to face once you start using it on a regular basis. There are various healthy people who do not want IV therapy so that they can vitamins and stay hydrated. It is not necessary for everyone to get these treatments. This therapy includes the IV which means that there are a lot of complications that are going to occur.

When the people get the IV therapy, they are going to get the mixture of the saline solution which is going to consist of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins through their veins. It is going to be directly injected into their veins. In various clinics, this setting is used to treat migraines to various conditions such as fibromyalgia.

The treatment became very common as people started taking it to treat some conditions which are less serious such as respiratory infections like the common cold. What are the things that could go wrong if this treatment is used by the doctors? You must know that there are various boutique clinics that are offering the Vitamin IV mixtures which are not even regulated by the food and drug administration.

So, if your physician or the primary doctor does not prescribe you take such mixture, you do not want to know whether or not such a saline solution is safe in your bloodstream for your body or not. There have been various cases where IV therapy has caused a reaction to the medications and the drugs that you might be using.

There are some patients who do not have the clearance from the regular practitioner and they come for the IV therapy without their consultation. They need to makes sure that when they are coming for this therapy, they come with advice from their primary doctor. The patients must make sure that they are getting these treatments under the administration of the medical doctor.

This is why people are going to get the Vitamin IV therapy side effects because they are not careful with it. There are some standards that have to be met while these fluids are being injected in the bloodstream of the individual. You are going to receive this therapy from a registered nurse or a doctor. If they do not have your medical history, then it could give rise to various complications.

The complications can include bruising, bleeding, infection, and in some cases blood clots. This is why it has been advised that you must consider going to a medical professional before going for this IV therapy.

In conclusion:

All the potential Vitamin IV therapy side effects must be kept in mind before you start checking the pros of the therapy. So, make sure that you are getting this treatment under strict medical supervision.