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How Yoga Sessions Can Help Women For A Better Health

Yoga Sessions

Over the past few years, we have seen the mix of western medicine with eastern practices of yoga and meditation for better health. Yoga combines multi-task exercises and it is so good for the body, mind and overall wellness. Yoga can be very beneficial for women as their bodies tend to go through many more changes than men. There are changes in hormonal levels, which bring change to other areas. Because of this, the body can feel stressed and uneasy at times. And yoga can help. If you want to find yoga sessions, lookup on the internet with your city name. The internet will give out the results in less than five minutes.

Here are the ways yoga sessions can help women for better health.

General health – The general health benefits of yoga are multiple. Symptoms of diabetes, bowel problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcerative colitis (IBD), etc, can be managed with yoga. It may not cure you, but it will bring immense relief as it works just like lifestyle changes do. The yoga poses, movements and exercises bring flexibility and strength to muscles, improves the digestive system, lung capacity and blood circulation in the body. Women who often experience bloating can also try yoga for quick relief.

Weight loss – As per the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, practicing yoga along with a protein-rich diet can reduce the levels of glucose in the blood and help in burning the stored fats in the body. By holding yoga poses you can build muscles, burn calories and the body continues to do so even after your yoga session is done for the day. Yoga strengthens the core and opens up the parts of the body. Follow a teacher or instructor that you find in your city, for a proper weight loss regimen.

Sleep issues and stress – have you gone through books on sleep and tried foods that make one sleepy and still end up awake most of the night?  If you are one of those women who are unable to fall asleep quickly or can’t sleep through the night, yoga might help. Experts from the Harvard Medical School found that practicing sustained yoga improves the quality and duration of sleep. People practicing yoga say that they get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, without any problems. A yogic pose like the ‘yoga Nidra’ can regulate breathing, slow down the heart rate to calm the body, release tension in the muscles and reduce blood pressure. Such poses are very good for soothing the mind before one prepares to sleep.

Depression and anxiety – Yoga can improve mood and decrease anxiety. Women must practice yoga at least twice a week as the benefits accumulate over time. For treating anxiety, the ‘child pose’ is good as it soothes the nervous system and calms the anxious mind. You must hold this pose for a while. Try a different pose – Reclined Supported Butterfly to list up the body.

Menstruation–Women of reproductive age experience a monthly menstruation cycle. This is natural but there are some unpleasant symptoms they may have to deal with at that time of the month. Most women feel negative relational, emotional and physical symptoms which can be mild or debilitating. Irritability, breast tenderness and fatigue are common symptoms. Yoga can help in such situations as it calms the central nervous system which reduces stress and relaxes the body. Deep breathing with asanas increases the supply of oxygenated blood which reduces bloating and cramps.

Childbirth – Women going through the phases of pregnancy and postpartum must also practice yoga under the eye of professionals which they find through yoga classes near you. Many women go through depression during and after pregnancy which can result in further complications. Prenatal yoga can help in many ways including reducing hypertension, reducing the risk of preeclampsia and supporting women in high-risk pregnancies. Post-birth period is also quite busy for women as they need to take care of the child, manage weight etc. This can lead to irritation and yoga can help in managing that.

Menopause – The menopause period, especially the transition can cause various discomfort causing symptoms. Fatigue, pain, mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes are common at this time. Women who are in the stage of peri-menopause can use yoga to prepare the body for menopause and face reduced symptoms. Yoga turns down the sympathetic nervous system, supports the parasympathetic nervous system and improves the endocrine system which helps the body in adapting to fluctuations in hormones. In Short it improves sexual health in women as well.