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Hobbies That Make You More Productive and Healthy

When was the last situation that had traumatized nations in several ways that took quite some time for everyone to pull out of it? Remember Tsunami and Katrina, two overwhelming cases post-Gujarat Quake 2001, that had the nation and some parts of the world quarantined similarly like in the global pandemic Covid19.

Pulling out of a stressful situation is not all about psychological counseling only, psychologists say. It is about keeping yourself engaged as we understand the aftermath of the condition of ‘social distancing’ only later. The year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic is probably the first time in life that many are on a work from home program encouraged by the organizations.

In confined situations, when there is a thin line dividing work of the office and work at home, it is imperative to give value to the mostly lost in oblivion – Hobby Time. Everyone needs a hobby, as the old saying goes. Hobbies help pull out of a catch 22 situation, as we are in one now, it develops the passion for life mostly lost in the din and bustle of daily life making ends meet. Hobbies can be a mixed bag, to each his own.

Healthy Hobbies

They need not be the usual gardening, cooking, writing, exercising, or needlework. Give it a new identity quarantined, when the brain stops functioning, and it gets evident in several little ways, as it is overburdened. Go for hobbies that make can you more productive and healthy. Here’s a few of them:

  1. The Brain Games – Earlier, there was ludo carrom board, cards, rubric cubes, and monopoly have been replaced with Pictionary, crossword, speller, and dumb Sherard. Give it a try with family and follow up with the little ones with PlayStation games that help the mind to remain positive and focussed.
  2. New Skill Development – And indeed that is not enough in the 24*7 confinement within households. It is time to develop some skills and new hobbies that may help you in destressing. Why not try your skills as an orator, to begin with, and try your luck as a stand-up comedian, the idea itself may look hilarious at the moment. Or how about content proofreading and editing? Become an expert in this and you can easily provide online services such as assignment help, content editing, and more.
  3. Competence-Based hobbies – When bored or disgusted trying new skills, seek solace in your proficiency or competencies that could be anything that you are good at and have not been able to give it a try. It could start at cooking, and cooking this time is trying things out the new way, with whatever is available at home. countries still may not be allowing short errands to the supermarket. Try your skill in recipes, which are “best out of waste,” and you will be surprised with the output. The concept could be applied anywhere, the concept of best out of waste, bringing creativity full-on with paintbrush and pencils. And if you are by chance, you are stuck on ideas, seek assignment help from ancient recipes online.
  1. Latent Talent Hobbies – Latent talents are those talents that need to unfold and are there within you for years and generations. It’s time to explore them in quarantined moments. The ability remains undiscovered and latent until it’s groomed. And it is time to try your hand at the mud lying in your home pots, give yourself a chance at sculpting mud to a potter’s jar, or finishing a piece of wood lying about in the house to prepare for mother’s approaching birthday.
  2. Time Yourself For A Good Read

Healthy HobbiesReading and writing is a hobby for several. And it only takes a back seat with work. Quarantined, make use of the time. Give reading and writing a fillip to bounce back with the knowledge of good reading. And when reading for hobbies, seek for those books that interest you — scientific fictions, biographies, religious dictions, romantic thrillers or seriously some comic strips other than memes and WhatsApp forwards.

  1. Propagate Habits That Charge Mind and Body -Connect the mind and body, not just deep breathing, when the norm of social distancing has to be maintained. Resort to Yoga and exercise that help you rejuvenate mind and body. And if not very good at it, resort to the several online videos to match-up and catch-up that are assisting in establishing an account and body balance, very very important with being quarantined home for weeks.


Hobbies seem like holidaying like in younger days. Yes! Think of the days spent without any connectivity and the excellent chance to grow unmindful of development perpetuating habits that turned into hobbies. Very few are productive hobbies. If you are dedicated, you are likely to build your hobby into a second job. Very few people manage to do that, but singers and musicians are those among the ones that can be immediately recalled, sitting quarantined there may be more. Find and give it that push!