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Are You Dealing with Snoring ? Know Solutions That Work

Snoring occasionally is a very common problem, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if your bed partner has constant complaints about your high-pitched snores, it is high time that you should look into the same.


Snoring is known to happen when air is not able to pass through freely through the nose & throat during sleeping. The given phenomenon makes the surrounding tissue vibrate –producing the typical snoring sound. In case you have a regular habit of snoring while sleeping, it could disrupt your overall sleep quality. As such, this could lead to irritability, daytime fatigue, and a wide range of other health problems.

Common Causes of Snoring

  • Age –As we grow older, our throat gets narrower. Moreover, the muscle tone in the throat area also decreases. This leads to snoring.
  • Obesity –Poor muscle tone or the presence of fatty tissues could also contribute to snoring.
  • Sinus & Nasal Problems –Stuffy nose or blocked airways could make inhalation difficult. As such, this could contribute to snoring.
  • Sleeping Posture –If you tend to sleep on your back, this would relax the muscles in your throat while blocking the airway.

Effective Strategies to Combat Snoring

There are several remedies that could help you to minimize the intensity or completely provide relief with snoring. Only bringing about some lifestyle changes can help you achieve effective snore solutions. Here are some remedies to try out:

  • Changing the Sleeping Position: You can consider elevating your head slightly –by around 4 inches, to relax your overall breathing. Moreover, it also helps in encouraging the tongue and jaw area to move slightly forward to provide ease with snoring.
  • Try Sleeping on the Sides: Whatever method you can apply, try sleeping on your sides rather than back to prevent snoring. As you would eventually start developing this habit, it will become quite easier for you to sleep in this position.
  • Keeping the Nasal Passage Clear: In case you are dealing with a stuffy nose, then you can consider rinsing the sinuses with saline before you go to bed. There are other mechanisms like the utilization of nasal strips, nasal decongestant, or a neti pot to allow you to breathe more easily as you sleep. In case you are allergic, then you should aim at reducing pet dander or dust mites in the bedroom or using some allergy medication.
  • Keeping the Bedroom Air Moist: When dry air is present in the room atmosphere, it could lead to the irritation of your nose & throat. Therefore, if you are dealing with swollen nasal tissues, then bringing home a humidifier can help you out.
  • Trying Some Anti-snoring Mouth Appliance: These appliances are known to symbolize the mouthguard of an athlete. The device works by opening the airway as it brings your tongue or your lower jaw forward as you sleep.

Dealing with snoring on a daily basis can be difficult. Therefore, adopt the right solutions for snoring to combat the same.