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This is the new beauty routine to follow during the lockdown

Well, I know how much are beauty is suffering while we are at home or maybe we are still improving your skin while staying at home because it is not getting exposed to the impurities in the air and pollution so basically we can say that this lockdown has brought us a great gift of good health and time two letters really care about ourselves and not just pretend in between people that ” I eat gluten-free diet “or “I follow us Korean skincare”. It is time that we switch to something that will have long-lasting results for skin rather than following an 8 to 10 long step skincare routine that doesn’t heal many benefits in the long term and we end up applying too many chemicals. This beauty routine is so healthy and luxe that you want to send flowers to Mumbai along with this gift for your loved ones. So let’s look at it in detail –

1) Mist and light deodorants 

beauty routineWe all know that we are not working nowadays or maybe you are working from home and living with my partner or without family and it is very important to smell fresh and new. So please leave it when you go out. We use a different perfume for day and night but when you are at home beyond sweating that much so you could use a body mist or very light your dreams so a body mist from the Body Shop is amazing and they have a great collection of fragrances. If you want to choose a light-duty rent, then this deodorant by secret. It’s an aluminum-free deodorant. If anyone of your family members’ birthday comes in between this time, then you can give this as a gift to them along with birthday flowers.

2) Dry Shampoos 

Now my scalp becomes oily around the third or fourth day and of course. After all, I follow a very natural hair care routine because I have a lot of time but if you are somebody who doesn’t have time even during the lockdown and you have to work hard and maybe you are just being lazy then for you the best thing is dry shampoos and conditioners. They have been specially launched by Pantene. So you know if you have those dry and you could just apply the dry shampoo and amazing thing is the other communist reforms so you know just use it anytime freely. It would be a great gift for anyone whom you know is lazy and it has a beautiful fragrance. So send it using online flower delivery in Hyderabad or any other city.

3) Lipstick Swap 

beauty routineI know especially being a woman who loves to apply the lipstick it just doesn’t feel good you know when you haven’t applied it is very important please keep it follow while because we are wearing protective mass that will just block them inside and create a lot of humidity which code, in turn, causes skin reactions so it is better to use something else and that is why you going to use a lip mask I prefer the ones that can be applied drop all around the day or maybe throughout the night and that is why to rescue comes to brands over here Tatcha and Laneige. Both have a range of hydrating products for labor and your skin. Tatcha has recently launched an agave syrup lip mask which is essential butter too. Send Flowers to Lucknow along with these lip masks for your friends and family members. So you can go ahead and apply lipstick when you are making a zoom or Facetime Facebook video call to your friends and family members but other times make sure you switch to a skincare routine.

4) Hydration 

Well, you might not know but the skin would be dehydrated already. Hydration is my favorite topic in the world and if you ask me to choose between foundation and hydration I would go with hydrating my skin that you are staying home. There is any point in applying unnecessary makeup. Rather it would be better to switch to something that would support and help your skin. And the most amusing thing is that Charlotte Tilbury has this beautiful range of sheet masks that are dry and they contain necessary oils and brothers and the best part is that you can use their one sheet mask thrice. And the best part is that they aren’t even too pricey. Birthday flowers alongside the sheet mask would be the perfect gift for your friends and family members.