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10 Types of Handbags Every Women Should Have

Do you reminisce your first handbags? As we grow older, we start to invest in different handbags based on our taste and needs. The perfect and stylish handbag can blandish your favorite outfit. All of us love to carry the matching handbag which suites our look and outfit most. Apart from fashion, the foremost advantage of these bags is that you can store a lot of accessories, wallets, keys, sunglasses, bills, and other things in them. There are many types of handbags, these are available in different sizes to lodge all the things. Sometimes we get confused which bag will is perfect for which occasion, don’t worry! Enlisted below is the list of the most stylized bag along with the perfect occasion to carry them.

1. Bowling bag

The medium-sized Bowling bag resembles the shape of traditional bag which was used to carry bowling balls. The look and structure are inspired from the 1990s, if you are fond of structured handbags then this is the perfect pick for you. A seamless occasion to carry this bag is an office.

bowling handbag
2. Tote

The tote is a large rectangular handbag featured with two straps and an open top. Arguably one of the chicest handbags this season, available in the medium to large size this handbag is great for girls. These are best suitable to makeup, accessories, sunglasses or many more daily use-able things.

tote handbag3. Shopping bag

The large sized handbag which is able to withstand a lot of weight! If you love to spend some time during your weekends at the market and find the bags shady and uncomfortable to carry? These bright and large-sized handbags are definitely a stylish alternative. These can also be the perfect pick for the beach.

shopping handbag4. Satchel bag

This medium to the large sized handbag is featured with a top carrying handle. A road trip is a perfect occasion to rock this handbag. As at the time of travelling the bag is very handy to carry. These comes in many shapes, designs and sizes.

satchel handbag5. Sling bag

The soft shoulder, Sling bags are worn over one shoulder, offer you an elegant look and are very comfortable to carry. The Perfect occasion to carry this handbag is when are going to date your partner. Among other types of handbags, satchel is most widely used by teenagers.

sling bag6. Quilted bag

The surface texture of this bag comprised of a square or diamond-shaped stitch pattern. The Perfect event for this classy and detailed handbag is Church.

quilted handbag7. Clutch bag

The evening bag, Clutches are the small rectangular handbag with no straps. These are carried by the girl at the night out in the club for cards, money or handy makeup.

clutch handbag8. Minaudiere bag

Minaudiere is a small rectangular hard bodied bag decorated with crystals or beads, these are the classy bag and a great statement piece. You can rock your cocktail party by carrying this elegant piece.

minaudiere handbag10. Purses

Purses are the medium bag used to carry cards, money, makeup or other small necessities. There is numerous type of purses available in the market, varying in shape, brand and size. These are the perfect piece for a trip to carry juice and snack bar. It is the most common type of handbag used by ladies.

purse handbag type