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Steps For Better Body Care Routine You Should Include

Our skin protects us from harmful things in the world such as moisture, sun rays and the cold. It also protects us from toxic substances and germs throughout our life. Skin is a flexible outer layer with many useful functions. It needs good care in order to keep protecting us. We need to have healthy and fresh looking skin. Skin care or body care are a range of practices that support skin integrity, skin freshness and relieve skin conditions.

You can improve your body care with below routine, which will give much care to your skin.

Facial Cleaning

Before applying any facial treatment, it is very important to clean the skin. We must get used to using cleansing milk twice a day. One at night, to remove all the makeup and let the skin breathe, and again when we get up.

body care face cleaning

Hydrate And Nutrition

Once we have cleaned the skin, we can apply our usual treatment. In the morning, you have to use a day cream and another for the eye contour, while at night, night cream will be enough, although over the years it is advisable to use more intensive and specific treatments such as serums.

Body Care

In addition to having a good facial routine, we must be constant in our body care, since sometimes we forget that the skin of the body is as important as that of the face.

You have to hydrate your skin well after bathing or showering, since soaps can dry it and, above all, pamper it with great care if you expose it to the sun. You can also use many good products available, if you’re worried about cellulite, flaccidity or stretch marks.

Carry A Cream With You

With extreme temperatures (cold or heat) or the effect of heating … our skin may suffer throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to always have a cream on hand to help us regain optimal hydration and remove grime.

body care cream

Give Importance To The Neckline

 The skin between the neck and the breasts is thin, vulnerable and a magnet for damage caused by the sun. The good news is that the neck area – like the skin of the face – responds quickly to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, niacin, antioxidants and natural extracts that fill wrinkles, restart the production of collagen, relieve and soften. Therefore, continue with the first advice and extend to where the support starts the products for the daily care of the face and the broad spectrum sunscreen. Also, start sleeping on your back. Those who sleep on their side or face down risk having more wrinkles, folds and textured skin that looks like crepe paper. A curved pillow for those who sleep on their backs will help you stay in that position and be comfortable. Place your usual pillow under your knees, to avoid turning in the middle of the night.

Soften Dry Legs And Arms

Change your bath or shower routine to counteract the visible results of slower skin cell renewal, fat production and poor circulation. Choose liquid soaps and lotions with the rich and softening sheaf butter, and oils from natural extracts such as almonds or coconut. Apply moisturizer after you have dried the skin a little with a towel, but while it is still wet, so that it is absorbed. Exfoliate the dry parts when needed – after washing, but before moistening – with a gentle body scrub, such as Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Oat, Sugar and Shea Breakfast Scrub or Shea Moisture Raw Shea Coffee Scrub. The gentle combination of sugar or coffee with shea butter and oils from natural extracts softens the elbows, knees and lower legs.