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Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Own

There are some makeup items that you might not own but should be in your possession. If you are here then you are ready to upgrade your makeup bag and include these makeup essentials in your collection. Every woman wants to look beautiful and pretty. Makeup is basic method to look beautiful. But you need to know how to use these as without proper knowledge it can’t give better results.

Makeup Primer

Makeup primer is a base that provides the perfect canvas to apply makeup. It has following features: –

  1. It helps your makeup to stay for longer. If you want a fresh no-makeup look, makeup primer is a great choice.
  2. It also helps to provide even tone to your skin and deliver a perfect skin effect.
  3. Primer also help to instantly smooth the fine lines and also blur pores.

How to use –

  1. First of all choose a correct type of primer for your skin, by deciding what you want to accomplish, figure out your skin type either it is dry, normal or oily and evaluate it.
  2. Second prep your face. To prep your face first wash it with a gentle cleanser and then apply a moisturizer and then allow it to dry completely.
  3. Now apply your primer on your face. First squeeze out a pea sized amount of primer on back of your hand and then apply it in center of your face and then use gentle circular motions to blend it.
  4. Then allow primer to dry up completely.

makeup essential primer
Stick Foundation

Stick foundation is one of the must have makeup essentials. Waiting for a multi-purpose foundation that will cover, contour, and conceal. With Infallible Shaping Stick Foundations, you will be able to get a range of amazing looks. They are not only handbag-friendly but stick foundations are so versatile. They are used to highlight, contour, mask and providing a flawless, build-able base to apply makeup.

How to apply: –

Wondering about applying stick foundation? Here, step-by-step guide is compiled about its application.

  1.  First choose the right shade.
  2.  Make sure your skin is clean.
  3.  Prep your face.
  4.  Use a primer.
  5.  Then use foundation stick for contouring, highlighting, blending. Don’t twist the stick too high.
  6.  Apply setting powder.

makeup essential stick foundation

BB Cream

BB cream means ‘blemish balm‘ cream. It is a combination of products like moisturizer, SPF, primer, foundation, and concealer. In Asia, aim of using BB creams is to have mix coverage + skincare elements, as the original “bb creams” were used for laser resurfacing patients recovering from the surgery. Korean BB creams are often used in mid-to-high coverage, like foundation, but more flexible, dewier, and have skincare elements.

BB cream can help to conceal skin acne scars, pimples and dark spots.

How to use:-

There are several ways to apply bb cream. But a general method is summarized below: –

  • First, choose right type of bb cream depending on your will and your skin type.
  • Then apply the selected one on your face. Use your fingers, make five cream spots on major parts of face and gently pat the cream into your skin using fingers.
  • You also can apply bb cream by using a sponge.

makeup essential bb cream

Color Correcting Concealers

Color correcting concealers are one of the go-to products for makeup bags. It’s because these can hide anything, you’re unhappy about.

These can: –

  • Remove dark circles
  • Discolorations are masked
  • Neutralizes the redness
  • Brightens the dullness

How to use: –

There are different color correctors for different colors, like Pink color corrector, Yellow color corrector. A general way to use is as below: –

  • Choose the right hues for your skin type..
  • Apply thin layers.  A thick layer will not be appropriate.
  • Either use a makeup sponge or beauty blender and pat the layer into the skin. Don’t spread the colors all over your face.
  • Do not forget that it should enhance skin colors not hide it, so apply it carefully.

color correcting concealers

Blush Palette

Blush is one of the must have makeup essentials that gives a pretty glow. Though, it can be difficult to know exactly how to use it to look the best on your own face.

How to use: –

  • First apply your basic makeup like foundation, concealers etc. Then blot the excess makeup with a tissue paper.
  • Then apply the correct blush on your face. On a heart shape face apply blush in shape of C.

blush palette

Every women wants to look good and have a glowing skin. With these makeup items, you can portray a fun and good looking image when you go out to work or socialize with friends.